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Mission Statement

Greetings, smarks!

Combination of “smart” and “mark”,
mark meaning a wrestling fan who believes
(or temporarily suspends his disbelief)
in pro wrestling. The smark is the fan
who knows wrestling is choreographed,
but appreciates it on a higher level.
Urban Dictionary

We at The Daily Jobber are dedicated to elevating the understanding and appreciation of the finest form of live entertainment of the modern era: professional wrestling.

pro wrestling
A form of entertainment which, although
it is predetermined, takes just as much
athleticism as any other sport.
Come on! Do you think someone could
fake jumping off a turnbuckle while
corkscrewing and flipping?
– Urban Dictionary

Sorry, Vince. We meant “sports entertainment”.

sports entertainment
The biggest curse word for people who
are fans of professional wrestling
(TNA, ROH, indy promotions).
– Urban Dictionary

Regardless of what you call it or when you started watching, regardless of who your favourite superstar is or how you feel about the Montreal Screwjob or the New Generation Era, all fans are welcome!

Here at The Daily Jobber we value intelligence and critical thought, encourage debate, and try our best to maintain a level of discipline, professionalism and respect equal to that of our favourite wrestlers.

A badass motherfucker who can kick ass
and pushes himself to the limits of the physical
and mental world.
Urban Dictionary

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