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What can save the tag team division?

As the Big Fed gears up for its last pay-per-view before WrestleMania, the fans have a burning question to ask themselves:

Why are the Tag Team Champions not defending their titles? Why are they, instead, occupying themselves with Edge and Christian in a pre-show comedy spot?


Granted, the segment may turn out to be hilarious. Despite this, the segment also serves as a bold reminder of the shallow state that WWE’s tag division is in.

Even with the Dudley Boyz turning heel and the Usos delivering the same consistent ring work they have been for years, there is little of interest in the ranks of the tag division.

CbTL_9rVIAAX466The New Day have virtually gone unchallenged since winning the titles back in August of last year, and thoroughly entertaining as they may be, that isn’t enough. This is wrestling, not a variety show. The New Day needs opponents, they needs contenders, and the roster simply doesn’t have them.

That is to say, the roster has them, but for one reason or another, by choice or by consequence, is not using them.


The new Social Outcasts faction has been racking up a bit of a winning streak lately and gaining momentum, yet they compete in singles matches and have yet to pair up and pursue the tag team crowns in any capacity.

Since Curtis Axel is busy with his faction, there seems to be no hope of reviving Rybaxel. Maybe it’s for the best.


The Wyatt Family could easily allow Erik Rowan and Luke Harper to pair off and continue their dominant ways from NXT, but they are too busy being henchmen in Bray Wyatt’s pursuit of domination.


Ditto the League of Nations, who could make a run at the tag team titles with a pairing from their ranks, but they only seem to team up in order to further Alberto Del Rio’s program with Kalisto.


At one time, a pairing of Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns could have added star power and weight behind the race for the belts, but they have become too big and too central to the A-storyline.


Mark Henry and The Big Show would have made a monster team, but each are getting too old and prone to injury.


The Lucha Dragons were looking like the next big thing in tag team-dom, but can’t do much while Kalisto is wearing the United States Championship.


The Ascension have failed to get a foothold on the main roster because of poor booking.


Cesaro and Tyson Kidd are still on the shelf.


Titus O’Neil is suspended thanks to a hug. His Prime Time Players partner, Darren “Mister No Days Off” Young, is taking some days off to repair a quad injury.

What can save the tag team division?


WWE cannot rely on yet another call-up from NXT to save the day. Blake and Murphy, Enzo and Cass, Dash and Dawson, The Vaudevillains, American Alpha – all are fine where they are. The roster has plenty of talent currently spinning its wheels or being misused. Calling up more talented stars in order to misuse them or book them poorly is not the answer. They simply need to use the talent they have more efficiently.

Unfortunately for now, the question of what can save the tag division will have to remain unanswered, as we prepare to watch the best tag team currently active in WWE make funny with two legends who threaten to remind us all of an era when the division was strong.

Perhaps our salvation will come about when R-Truth finally accepts Goldust as a partner. (#Truthdust? #Goldtruth? #BlackRainV2.0? #WhatsUpPussyCat?)


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