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Creator, Editor, Head Writer

Bernard Samuel Barnes (or just plain “Bernie”) is a freelance writer. An ex-filmmaker and actor, he is a graduate of Victoria Motion Picture School and Simon Fraser University’s New Media Journalism Program.

Coming from a background of creative writing, Bernie’s fictional literature has been published in various online journals. In addition to The Daily Jobber, he also manages and contributes to Bernie’s Barn, a showcase for creative non-fiction, poetry and short stories.

Bernie was raised in a house in the country. His love for professional wrestling began at age eight when he discovered weekly episodes of Maple Leaf Wrestling (which later became WWF Superstars) broadcast every Saturday afternoon on one of four channels which his primitive television set actually picked up. He began renting every Coliseum Home Video available at his local video store, starting with classics like Survivor Series 1990, Royal Rumble ’91, and WrestleMania VIII.

Bernie began The Daily Jobber in January of 2015 with goals to expand his exposure and influence to ever larger audiences. His articles have also been featured on E Wrestling News, Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling’s official website, and

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