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WWE Injury Report

Bernie Barnes @thedailyjobber

The world of professional wrestling carries with it the constant and persisting risk of injury. There are quite a few WWE superstars who have shelved in 2015, most notably John Cena and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins.


The Daily Jobber has compiled the latest from a variety of news sources on the injury status and projections for some of these superstars.

Wrestling News Post/Ringside News: WWE agent Brian “Road Dogg” James mentioned via social media that Naomi was out with injury. Using her own Twitter account, Naomi addressed the matter, saying: “I’ve been dealing with a health issue not ring related I’ll be ready to rumble next week.”

026_NIKKI_01272016ej_0254-966131849 Nikki Bella, having been shelved since losing the Divas Championship in the fall, has undergone successful neck surgery to repair a herniated disc using bone fusion. Her recovery period is thus far uncertain, but Bella is expected to wear a neck brace for 3 months.


Wrestling Observer: Sheamus posted a photo of his arm in a cast via Twitter. Reports confirm tendonitis, but no further details are known on what caused the injury and how long recovery will be.

Wrestling Although originally side-lined with a shoulder injury in May of 2015 and expected to return to action within 6-8 months, Hideo Itami has experienced complications after surgery. He is “nowhere close to being able to return to action.” Itami expressed frustration via Twitter.


Wrestling News Post via Wrestling Observer: After being cleared to compete by doctors at UCLA, Daniel Bryan was once again denied reinstatement by Vince McMahon and has yet to be cleared by WWE’s Dr. Joseph Maroon. He has received offers from other promotions, and his future with WWE is uncertain.

Wrestling News World: Randy Orton responded earlier this month to reports from Dave Meltzer about his status. He confirmed that he underwent successful shoulder surgery on December 8th and was “ahead of schedule” in his recovery. He also denied reports that he would require neck surgery. Although the length of his absence is not presently known, the feeling is confident he will be ready for WrestleMania 32.


Bleacher Report: Former Divas Champion Paige has yet to return to action after suffering what she described as “a slight concussion.” She stated that she feels good, and her absence is due to precautionary measures WWE takes when it comes to this type of injury.

Cageside Seats via PWInsider: Sasha Banks, who appeared at 2016’s Royal Rumble, has been out with a knee injury. Details are not fully known, but it has to do with her MCL. She is expected to return to the ring in February.

WhatCulture via Wrestling Observer: While still appearing alongside his League Of Nations cohorts, King Barrett has not been active in the ring since December 8th. WWE is reportedly concerned about nerve damage caused by a neck injury. No projections yet on his future.


Wrestlezone: Cesaro received successful shoulder surgery in November and has chosen to rehab his injury at the WWE Performance Center. While it may be possible he can recover in time for WrestleMania, it is still uncertain and unlikely.

Wrestling News World: Despite controversy involving comments made by Bruce Hart about the severity of Tyson Kidd‘s neck injury suffered last year, the former tag champion is not expected to return to action until late 2016.

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