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Bray Wyatt is WWE’s new “X factor”.

On Sunday night at Money in the Bank, Roman Reigns’s near certain triumph was thwarted by interference. In the ladder match which pitted him against six of the best that the current main roster boasts, the Samoan powerhouse was moments away from earning a guaranteed World Heavyweight Championship title shot when Bray Wyatt came out of nowhere and attacked.


This has become Wyatt’s trademark. He disappears from sight, sometimes going weeks without an appearance on television, or at most he keeps to the periphery, to the shadows, whispering mysterious, sinister warnings.Then, when it appears a beloved hero, whether it be Roman Reigns or Dean Ambrose, is just about to score a win for “the good guys”, up pops Wyatt like the killer in a horror movie to ruin everything.

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Is too much reverse booking hurting WWE’s credibility?

Money In The Bank is happening this Sunday. The playing field is set and the players have been chosen. But how exactly were they chosen? Put that question to any observer or analyst and they will have their own opinions, put it to any fan and they will have theirs, but that is all they will have – opinions.


The fact of the matter is that WWE has selected the line-up of superstars with no apparent rhyme or reason. This whole situation reeks of reverse booking, and it insults the intelligence of the dedicated observer.

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