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TNA Destination X – June 10th, 2015

With the X Division Championship left vacant, the field is set for extreme warfare. It all begins on Wednesday night at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.


Two TNA World Heavyweight Championship matches take place, as Rockstar Spud uses “Option C” to challenge Kurt Angle for the crown. Austin Aries cashes in his “Feast or Fired” contract for a chance to meet the winner of that match in the main event. Also, Taryn Terrell calls out Awesome Kong to come and play, but it won’t be an ordinary match. The X-Division competitors go head to head in three Triple Threat matches to determine who will go for the championship in a future match. All this, and Bram too!

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TNA Wednesday Night Impact – June 3rd, 2015

Impact Wrestling takes its showcase of superstars to a new spot on a new day, and it appears we may be welcoming a new era!


This week’s episode begins with a celebration announcing Ethan Carter III as #1 Contender, but the situation is more complicated than Mr EC3 thinks. The Wolves try and clinch a 3-0 sweep of their Best of Five Series with the Dirty Heels for the Tag Team Championships. Velvet Sky ruffles more Knockout feathers with her recent resurgence. Clan warfare erupts between the BDC and the Rising. Eric Young reignites his feud with Bobby Lashley and company. All this and much more!

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TNA Impact: May Mayhem – May 29th, 2015

TNA comes to Friday night for the final time (they move to their new slot on Wednesday night June 3rd) with May Mayhem!


The main event features an “I Quit” Match for the TNA Heavyweight Championship as Kurt Angle once again collides with the deranged Eric Young. KnockOuts battle over the title belt and more personal matters as Gail Kim challenges Taryn Terrell inside a steel cage. The X-Division Championship is up for grabs in a gauntlet match, and the Dirty Heels and the Wolves continue their best of five series for the tag titles. Let’s get to all that and the rest of the program with our run-down.

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TNA Friday Night Impact – May 15, 2015

It is Hardcore War on Impact (not Hardcore Justice, that was a couple of weeks ago), as the heated rivalry between World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle and Eric Young goes to the battlefield.


The BDC join Young as The Rising side with Angle, as the main event sees a no holds barred gauntlet match which proves to be full of surprises. Also on this week’s program, the first of a best of 5 series for the World tag Team Championships between The Dirty Heels and The Wolves. The Dollhouse is also in action, along with their spiteful leader Taryn Terrell. Plus: The Bromans implode, Magnus calls out James Storm, and Mr Anderson takes on Tyrus.

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TNA Friday Night Impact Live! – May 8th, 2015

Live from Orlando, Florida, Impact Wrestling goes live on Friday night!… Live!


With a special guest referee teased in the main event, Eric Young goes head to head with World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle after picking up a massive win in a stretcher match on Hardcore Justice. Gail Kim helps her new ally Awesome Kong get a measure of revenge on Taryn Terrell and The Dollhouse. The Rising and The BDC go head to head to bring their feud to an acme. It’s a night of settling scores, and it’s LIVE!

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TNA Hardcore Justice – May 1st, 2015

Grudges, gripes and grievances to be settled on Friday Night Impact Wrestling as Hardcore Justice reigns supreme!


After the brutal attack last week, Kurt Angle goes head to head with number one contender Eric Young in a non-title Stretcher Match. The X-Division Championship is up for grabs in a Four-Way Ladder Match. Also, the KnockOuts Champion Taryn Terrell defends against number one contender Brooke Adams. All this, and Al Snow too.

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TNA Friday Night Impact – April 17th, 2015

Impact Wrestling presents Tag Team Gold! The recently vacated championships are set to be awarded to one of eight teams, some formed as recently as last week in a frenzy to capture the prized belts.


The eight teams would participate in four qualifying matches, the winners of which would meet in a main event Ultimate X contest to crown the undisputed victors. Aside from Tag Team Gold, the ongoing drama between TNA World Champion Kurt Angle and number one contender Eric Young escalates.

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TNA Impact – Friday, April 10th, 2015


This week’s episode was a special live Tweet-streaming edition from Orlando, Florida, the recent tour of Europe having come to an end. The focus remains the continuing battle for the world title between new champ Kurt Angle and Bobby Lashley.

Also prominent this week is the emergence of the new hero faction The Rising, headed by Drew Galloway, in his crusade to end the tyranny of MVP’s Beat Down Clan.

And after The Wolves surrender the tag team championships last week due to injury, teams form up and the heat builds toward a massive tag title tournament for the vacant belts.



  • Kurt Angle opens the show and calls out Lashley so they can talk about the controversial victory in the main event last week. Eric Young interrupts and declares himself number one contender. Lashley goes for a spear on Young but hits Angle instead, and a three-way match is set for the main event.
  • Awesome Kong defeats Gail Kim in a match to determine the number one contender spot for the KnockOut Championship, hitting a sit-out power-bomb.
  • Mickie James and James Storm chat backstage.
  • The Revolution is in the ring. Storm berates his men’s recent performance, and orders them to fight one another for the privilege of teaming with him in the tag tournament. Khoya wins after pinning Manik.
  • RevolutionTagPartnerDrew Galloway introduces his Rising faction: Mica, son of Haku, and Eli Drake. The BDC come down and after a brief scuffle a six-man tag match is set. The match ends by DQ when Homicide gets involved, returning to action and revealing himself as the newest member of the BDC.
  • Eric Young attacks Kurt Angle backstage. The doctor checks Angle and hints at a concussion, but Angle insists on fighting anyway.
  • X Division match: Davey Richards, without his injured tag partner, defeats DJZ with a spinning roundhouse kick to the head.
  • The Hardys set their sights on the tag team championship tournament, setting in motion a series of interruptions: Bram accepts Ethan Carter III’s offer to team; Mr. Anderson and X-Division Champion Rockstar Spud; Bobby Roode and Austin Aries. All teams will get it on next week.
  • Eric Young v Lashley v Kurt Angle: Young puts a chair in the corner and Lashley goes into it head-first. Angle hits an angle-slam on Young, then on Lashley, then hits a moon-sault on the former champ for the pin and the victory. After the match, Young attacks Lashley’s leg with a chair and punishes him with a figure-four leglock.


  • The opening segment lacked electricity. You’re in trouble when you realize Kurt Angle is the best talker in the ring. Thankfully, it was quick and to the point. Kind of surprised that the terrible officiating is not called into question at all.


  • Gail Kim does a great job looking good with Awesome Kong. Kong is huge and intimidating with her faces and presence, but she is slow and limited as a performer. This match would have dragged if it had been any longer.
  • The James Storm/Mickie James/Magnus triangle storyline has a weird side to it because of Storm’s bipolar character. When Mickie’s around he’s a kind-hearted hick, when he’s with the Revolution he’s a diabolical cult leader.
  • Storm’s repeated abuse of Khoya hints at dissension during the tag tournament.


  • Drew Galloway is the most over star in TNA these days, and his lack of real motivation is overshadowed by his conviction and crowd connection. Now that the BDC is a four-man group, it will be interesting to see if Rising adds another member to even the odds.
  • Nice match between DJ Z and Richards, lots of fancy spots and fast action. Richards is very over with the crowd and will keep The Wolves relevant while Eddie Edwards recovers from injury.
  • The tag team championships are getting such a push of prestige now that the titles are vacant. Everybody is forming teams and seems hungry for the belts. It’s making this tournament a huge draw brimming with talent.
  • The three-way main event was all right, if you ignore the fact that they teased a possible Angle concussion and a potentially corrupt referee, and neither angle came into play at all. I hope they move on from Lashley and Angle after this. It was a good pairing, it worked for a legitimate big fight feel, but they’ve proved they can only do so much together. Will Young take the belt from Angle? We shall see.


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