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WWE Extreme Rules – April 26th, 2015

In front of a rowdy crowd in Chicago, Illinois the WWE brings its most brutal Pay-Per-View event of the spring. Last Man Standing, Kiss Me Arse, Russian Chain, Steel Cage and a Chicago Street Fight colour the night with thrills spilling out of the ring and off the page. But not too much, though. We are in the “PG Era” now, so things can’t get too violent. (Insert collective groan here)


The flow and arc of the event was conflicting and at times downright confusing. It played at times like an episode of Raw or Smackdown, but then at times it roared with the electricity one expects of big-time Pay-Per-Views. There were surprises, to be sure, and then there were moments you just knew in your bones were coming, but I have to say that happily the former came more often than the latter. The times I felt conflicted can be blamed more on a disjointed and incomplete build to the event, which left some storylines undeveloped or muddled. Overall an entertaining night with good performances from most of the talent, but certain glaring inconsistencies and questions mar the overall value of the action.

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