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Is it over for Wade Barrett?

Bernie BarnesĀ @thedailyjobber

After a prolonged absence from the ring due to persisting injuries, it appears “Cosmic King / Bad News” Wade Barrett will not be re-signing with WWE when his contract expires in a few months.


Ryan Satin from Pro Wrestling Sheet broke the news earlier this week, citing Barrett “no longer enjoying what he was doing in the company” as the reason for leaving. Read more…

Is too much reverse booking hurting WWE’s credibility?

Money In The Bank is happening this Sunday. The playing field is set and the players have been chosen. But how exactly were they chosen? Put that question to any observer or analyst and they will have their own opinions, put it to any fan and they will have theirs, but that is all they will have – opinions.


The fact of the matter is that WWE has selected the line-up of superstars with no apparent rhyme or reason. This whole situation reeks of reverse booking, and it insults the intelligence of the dedicated observer.

Read more…

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