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Lucha Underground Season 2 premiere!

Bernie Barnes @thedailyjobber

It’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

After months of uncertainty, after rumours of talent exodus, budget cuts, production difficulties and the lot, Lucha Underground has returned for a second season on Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey Network!


Which stars would return? How has the Temple in Boyle Heights, CA changed under new management? What surprises will this new season hold? Let’s get to the Run-Down.

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Lucha: Underground – April 15th, 2015

The show this week focuses on Dario Cueto’s ongoing tournament to crown the Trios Champions. Last week saw two teams form, both comprised of massive, top-tier roster talent, and this week they go head to head.

Also culminating this week is the competitive series of tecnico contests between Aerostar and Drago. The tie-breaking match to their best of five series is in the main event, as one of the men stand to win not only honour but also a “unique opportunity” from the boss.



  • Dario Cueto approaches Aerostar on the rooftop. He wishes the luchadore luck in his match.
  • King Cuerno, Texano & Cage vs Prince Puma, Johnny Mundo & Hernandez: the tecnicos dominate the majority of the match. Texano knocks out Puma with a fist wrapped with bull rope, and Cuerno hits his signature move for the pin.
  • Dario Cueto congratulates the victorious rudos and orders a three-way match featuring a member of each trio that will compete for the championships as a preview.
  • Cage vs The Mack vs Son of Havoc: The contest goes back and forth with many impressive spots. It ends when Cage avoids a shooting star press from Havoc, then throws Mack into the steel barricade. He applies Weapon X on Havoc for the victory.


  • In the bathroom, Cueto approaches Drago, offering additional motivation going into the main event.
  • Pentagon Jr is in the ring. Melissa Santos says that Pentagon has requested she announce to the audience that his “next sacrifice” will be to his master. Pentagon attacks Santos, inciting Vampiro to rush from the announce table to help. Before he can, and before any damage can be done, Sexy Star attacks Pentagon allowing Santos to escape.
  • Drago vs Aerostar: after a back and forth match, Drago takes the victory and both men embrace in a show of respect. Dario congratulates the victor. He unveils his “unique opportunity”: he will grant Drago a shot at the Lucha Underground Championship – but, if he loses, he will be banished from the Temple forever.


  • The opening contest was a prime example of how exciting trios competition can be. It was a a veritable feast of tandem and solo spots, high flying, power moves and controlled chaos. If the match was judged on action alone, it would easily be the match of the week. The area in which it fell short, however, was story. The tecnicos only lost control for brief stretches before regaining the edge on the rudos, which created no tension. It was a crowd-pleasing match, and in that it excelled. The dissension drama based on jealousy teased in weeks prior between Puma and Hernandez was not present at all, as the partners were working well with each other with no sign of friction. Puma getting pinned could cause other luchadores – like Hernandez – to question his championship reign. Hernandez himself shined in his break-out Underground match; he is physically impressive and employs humour and personality as well. I especially enjoyed his “rock-a-bye baby” spot. He comes off as confident and capable. He and Cage will no doubt be a program to look out for.


  • The three-way match told a great story and exhibited the strengths of all three performers. The Mack is proving to be quite the surprising luchadore, and may garner quite a following with his unique style. Havoc continues to capture the people’s sentimentality, however it seemed his support was flagging during this contest. The crowd, indeed, lost their enthusiasm at times during the action. Cage showed further improvement, though he contributed the least in this match.
  • Pentagon has been breaking people’s arms and exhibiting merciless aggression for some time now and has been consistently met with the approval of the fans, much to the bewilderment of the announce team. This episode, it seems, Pentagon has finally crossed the line. Melissa is beloved in the Temple, and an attack on her got massive heat from the people. Sexy Star is becoming a champion of the underdogs, a superhero for the meek, and the eventual show-down between her and the very dangerous Pentagon will be something to see.


  • The main event was full of great action and beautiful in-ring work from both luchadores, who are well accustomed to each other by now. I felt that Drago could have created more drama by going further into a rudo role, but seemed hesitant to do so. The reasons why became apparent in the match’s outcome: a show of mutual respect, and a sympathetic turn. Drago, being thrust into such a tight spot by Dario Cueto, has the opportunity to show a more human side, conflicted and at odds with his own ambition. Could Drago be facing the end to his days in the Temple? Or is he being groomed to become Dario’s made man?


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