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The various turns of Ryback

Last Monday on Raw, Ryback left his teammates, The Big Show and Kane, high and dry in quite the heelish move.


When asked why by Rich Brennan, The Big Guy stated a need for solidarity in order to better his career. In what turned out to be a nice little play on verse, he recited, “That glass ceiling? That brass ring? Break it. Take it.”

Coming much as a surprise to fans and commentators alike, this becomes the latest of a many character shift for the man from Las Vegas once known simply as Ryan Reeves. Read more…

John Cena side-lined!

Former US Champion and face of the WWE for more than a decade, John Cena, has been shelved with another injury less than two weeks since his return to wrestling.


Cena himself broke the news on January 6th, 2016. He Tweeted that he would be going in for shoulder surgery on Thursday.

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“Classic” and “New-school” booking mix to make N.O.C. exciting

This year, Night Of Champions carried on its tradition of making every title in WWE the focal point of the evening. In an age where sometimes belts, particularly any that are not the WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt, can become over-looked, under-played and ignored as central to feuds and story-lines, this was return to classic wrestling booking.


Looking more closely at some of the title bouts from September 20th’s Pay-Per-View event, one can see a re-emergence of classic themes being employed in the booking.

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WWE Monday Night Raw – May 11th, 2015

The red brand comes to Cincinnati, Ohio, hometown of Dean Ambrose. Less than one week from the Payback Pay-Per-View, things are a-happening.


Triple H returns to Raw, and so does Daniel Bryan. Ziggler takes on King Barrett with Sheamus nearby, while Neville answers John Cena’s US Open Challenge. Brie Bella and Tamina go at it, as do Cesaro and Big E Langston. Fandango looks for revenge against Erick Rowan. The fatal four from the Payback main event are in action as well, and as if that`s not enough, The Mega Powers unite!

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WWE Monday Night Raw – April 20th, 2015

Back on American soil after a tour of Europe, the big fed goes live from Albany, NY on the last edition of Raw before Extreme Rules this coming Sunday.


All major feuds got air time this week, with yet more time devoted to the ongoing drama involving Kane’s relationship with the World Heavyweight Champion. There were a couple of quality matches which could easily have gone longer, a few meaningless squashes, and a lot of interesting and entertaining backstage segments.

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WWE Thursday Night Smackdown – April 16th, 2015

Once again coming live from London’s O2 Arena, the fed’s blue brand focused it’s action around the members of the mid-card that will most get over with the crowd. Being on international soil, the episode was a glorified house show, focusing more on entertainment value than story advancement.


Amongst highs and lows, squashes and spots, WWE unveiled two new stipulations for matches at Extreme Rules, featured championship belts and some fun character bits.


  • Cena opens the show with his US Open Challenge. Cesaro and Tyson Kidd challenge, and Daniel Bryan joins Cena to even the odds. Tag match is set for main event.
  • Bray Wyatt vs R-Truth: Wyatt wins with Sister Abigail.
  • Segment of Roman Reigns interview shown, addresses Big Show.
  • The Miz vs Bad News Barrett: Barrett wins with Bull Hammer.
  • Backstage with Damien Mizdow and Summer Rae: Miz interrupts, rematch is set for Monday on Raw with stipulation that winner keeps “Miz” brand.


  • Shaemus vs Neville: after a bit of tough talking from the Celtic Warrior to start, Neville controls the majority of the match with high impact spots. Shaemus slams Neville on the announce table and gets himself disqualified. Beat-down ensues until Dolph Ziggler steps in, brief back and forth between the superstars ends with stipulation being added to their match at Extreme Rules – a “Kiss Me Arse” match.
  • Los Matadores vs New Day: Big E gets the pin after he and Kofi hit their tandem finisher.
  • Backstage, Fandango kisses Rosa Mendes goodbye. As she stands forlorn, Adam Rose drops a flirty hint.
  • Big Show cuts promo on Roman Reigns which amounts to a stipulation added to their match at Extreme Rules – “Last Man Standing” match.


  • Natalya vs Alicia Fox vs Cameron: after multiple near falls and broken sharpshooters, Fox hits scissor kick on Natalya and Cameron steals the pin for the victory.
  • Fandango vs Adam Rose: Rosa Mendes comes down and distracts Rose, Fandango schoolboys for the pin.
  • Bray Wyatt cuts promo.
  • Daniel Bryan & John Cena vs Cesaro & Tyson Kidd: Cena double-teamed by the heels for majority of bout, hits hot tag to Bryan. Bryan rallies on heels, puts Yes! Lock on Kidd, who submits, while Cena hits AA on Cesaro.


  • I appreciated that Cena took the time to explain a Russian chain match to the fans. Cesaro and Kidd coming out was a bit out of character and out of nowhere – even more so was the involvement of Daniel Bryan, but it fit the “house show” feel of the episode. Like the main events which occur around Christmas time, this match is not about furthering story so much as it is about giving the fans to see a stacked match. The tag champs were great on the mic, I’m really enjoying the way they’ve evolved their gimmick together. Cena was hamming up his reactions a bit too much for my liking, but Daniel Bryan was sharp as ever.


  • The announce team called Bray Wyatt’s appearance in the ring “rare”, and are really trying to build more mystique around him, much like they did with Brock Lesnar. It definitely works for the character. Wyatt is a special talent with star quality, and he cannot be overused. That being said, I don’t know how much he benefits from another squash match with R-Truth. Truth, to his credit, made the Eater of Worlds look stellar.
  • After a a great in-ring interview on Raw, Reigns sucked the electricity from the room as he spoke one on one with Byron Saxton. I’m still waiting to feel some fire, some passion. I haven’t been moved by one thing Reigns has said, and it makes it very difficult to get behind him.
  • The Miz was knocked out by the local favourite Barrett in less than a minute. Nothing was gained from this match. These two were battling over the Intercontinental Championship last year at WrestleMania. This was a cheap pop for the hometown crowd, when what they probably wanted to see more was an actual match.
  • Mizdow and Miz are fighting on Monday Night Raw, the winner of the match will lay claim to the Miz gimmick, including entrance music, costume, name, etc. It seems strange that a match with special circumstances is occurring a week before Extreme Rules. I can only hope they are going to build so the blow-out can happen on the Pay-Per-View instead of on television.
  • Shaemus is reveling in his new heel gimmick and I am loving his new entrance. The way he belittled Neville before the match began was driven home by Neville’s intense stare – and the insertion of his mouth-guard which was perfectly timed and captured by cameras (good job, Kevin Dunn). The match was similar to what we saw on Raw with Ziggler, Neville controlling much of the match and exhibiting his exciting move-set. The team continue to book Neville incredibly strong. In the short time he has been on the main roster he has gone toe to toe with some of the top talent and almost come out on top. It will be interesting to see with whom he will be paired for his first major program.
  • On the flip side of this segment: the “Kiss My Arse” match. Even though it might fit the arrogant nature of Shaemus’ new character, it does not seem to fit the feud with Ziggler – who seems hesitant to put the lame stipulation over. The opportunity to have a gimmick match at Extreme Rules is a chance to play on a wrestler’s strengths, and this feels like a squandering of that opportunity.


  • New Day are becoming a lot more interesting to watch. I find myself now compelled, wondering when and how they will “snap”. Perhaps because of this investment in watching, I found the match with the matadors quite entertaining. These are talented wrestlers, all of them, and they deserve better than comedy heat.
  • I was under the impression that Adam Rose and Fandango had their brief feud and were moving on, but I suppose I was wrong. Creative has, apparently, nothing else for them.
  • Big Show is becoming a great talker, but his promo tonight seemed to plod. It was simply exhibition, giving a play by play of the beat-down that occurred Monday Night. Big Show is trying so hard to put Reigns over as a man who doesn’t know how to quit, who doesn’t give up. It seems like he’s been charged with the task of building him up, but I’m not sure how well it is working. Reigns isn’t facing Brock Lesnar anymore, his target is Seth Rollins, so pairing him with a giant doesn’t seem to fit. He needs a program with someone of substance and ability – a real challenge as a wrestler, not just a big tree to cut down. “Last Man Standing” match at Extreme Rules? Okay, it fits. It’s not a “Kiss Me Arse” match or a “Cry Baby” match, at least.
  • The triple threat Divas match was quite good, despite a couple of botched spots. Cameron is coming into her own as a heel, and a program with Alicia Fox would be just what she needs to develop further as an in-ring worker, which seems to be what will occur after the way this match ended. Natalya continues to look like a veteran schooling the younger talent, as well as being the most consistent Diva on the main roster, with possibly the exception of Fox. Cheers to these three performing a super-plex / power-bomb combo move from the top rope! Great spot.
  • Fandango continues to get over his new face turn, but one has to wonder how well it will play in front of American crowds. Rosa Mendes doesn’t seem attracted to Adam Rose at all, and Rose seems only half interested in girls, leaving me to wonder what kind of strange triangle they are attempting to develop.
  • Despite appearing in the ring earlier, Wyatt cuts another cryptic promo. It’s become a guessing game among the announce team as to whom he is speaking.


  • The main event was your standard, text-book tag match, and despite the amount of talent in the ring at one time the action wasn’t as good as it perhaps could have been. The real story of the match is the tag champions, who eat their second loss in a week. Granted, losing to the two most over faces in the company and current champions is much better than losing to Randy Orton in a handicap match, and losing matches to the best of the company’s talent is better than losing to mid-carders like New Day or Los Matadores, but the facts are that Cesaro and Kidd are not being put over as champs nearly as strongly as they should. Natalya getting knocked off by mistake is a spot that has been performed twice in the last month: by Blake & Murphy/Enzo & Cass and Carmella in NXT; and by Rusev and Lana at WrestleMania. The flat-out dropping of Natalya by Cesaro was a beautiful touch, but it was almost lost on the television audience even though it got massive reaction from the house. Overall entertaining, the match itself fell short of its potential – as did the entire show.

WWE Monday Night Raw – April 13th, 2015

The show is live from the O2 Arena in London, UK. The crowd played a pivotal role in this week’s episode, and the superstars played to the enthusiastic house. Homegrown talent (i.e. Bad News Barrett, Paige and Neville) were booked strong and featured prominently.


Despite some interesting swerves and entertaining spots, the show felt like a house show which counted for very little. Story lines developed on their way to Extreme Rules, but shorter match length and the absence of a proper main event took away from the show. That being said, it was a fun episode.


  • John Cena opens the show and the crowd boos him emphatically. He shrugs it off and proceeds with his US Championship Open Challenge, which is accepted by crowd favourite Bad News Barrett. John Cena ends up taking the match after hitting a springboard stunner and an AA for the pin. Rusev attacks Cena with a steel chain after the bell. It is revealed the US Title match at Extreme Rules will now be a “Russian Chain Match”.
  • The Divas (sans Nikki or Brie) compete in a battle royal for the #1 contender spot. Paige wins, and addresses her hometown crowd, but is attacked by Naomi.


  • Bray Wyatt cuts a promo addressed to an unnamed individual.
  • Lucha Dragons vs The Ascension: Lucha Dragons win by pinfall after a flurry of moves from Kalisto.
  • Booker T interviews Roman Reigns in the ring. Big Show interrupts, and attacks Roman Reigns after the interview, smashing him against a prop mini-cab parked on the entrance platform.
  • Randy Orton vs Cesaro: Tyson Kidd interferes and gets Cesaro a DQ, but Kane restarts the match and makes it a 2 on 1 handicapped match. Orton wins after hitting Kidd with an RKO off a springboard dive. Randy Orton earns the right to choose a stipulation for the title match at Extreme Rules.
  • Backstage, Seth Rollins tells Kane to lay down for him so that he can pick a stipulation in the title match as well. Kane feels conflicted about it.
  • Adam Rose vs Dean Ambrose: Dean wins with Dirty Deeds.
  • Big Show talks heart to heart with Kane about doing what’s best for business.
  • Stardust vs Fandango: Stardust pins Fandango and Fandango dances with the crowd to his old theme music.


  • Daniel Bryan talks with Kane backstage, challenging him to stand up for himself.
  • Seth Rollins vs Kane: Kane is conflicted about laying down for Rollins, until he finally chokeslams Rollins in defiance but then lays down and pulls the limp Rollins on top of him to throw the match.
  • The Miz vs Damien Mizdow: Mizdow wins with a schoolboy roll-up.
  • Prime Time Players cut a funny promo.
  • Ryback vs Luke Harper: Harper is disqualified after hitting Ryback with a piece of the announce table. Dean Ambrose chases Harper, who escapes through the crowd.
  • Naomi cuts a shoot interview on the Divas Championship.
  • Dolph Ziggler issues an open challenge a la John Cena, which is accepted by UK boy Neville. Neville dominates most of the spots, but ZIggler sends him into the ring post before hitting the Zig Zag for the win. Sportsmanlike conduct after the bell is broken up by Shaemus who attacks both men. Ziggler and Shaemus brawl before Dolph’s put down with a brogue kick.


  • Seth Rollins reveals his stipulation for Extreme Rules: the RKO is banned. Randy Orton reveals his stipulation: a steel cage. Orton attacks Rollins, but the champ escapes when J&J run interference and Mercury eats an RKO.



  • Cena’s open challenge continues to be a great bit of business for himself, the championship, and for other superstars hungry for airtime. Barrett was put over huge in front of his people, even kicking out of an AA! It took a springboard stunner and a second AA to put him away. The aftermath was all right, but I feel the folks at WWE will have to enlighten the fans as to what exactly is a Russian Chain Match.
  • The battle royal contained nothing special until it got down to the final two – Naomi and Paige. I don’t believe these two have shared many matches together, and a program between them is an enticing prospect. Naomi’s heel turn after losing was unexpected to say the least, and very effective. Perhaps embracing a harder edge is just what the former Funkadactyl’s character needs.
  • I’m intrigued as to whom Bray Wyatt is addressing in his promos now. I only hope we don’t see a repeat of his “feud” with The Undertaker, i.e. months of the same rambling speech followed by a blow-out match – which Wyatt ends up losing. Face it, these new promos would mean a lot more if he had won at WrestleMania.
  • Kalisto is being put over massively since debuting last week. Ascension remains a floundering tag team with no credibility.


  • Roman Reigns gave, in my opinion, his best promo to date. He seemed confident and smooth in his delivery, and he worked off the crowd’s chanting without batting an eye. Big Show’s violent attack was effectively violent, but I fear it may be too little, too late. The giant has been a pushover for so long that it may be difficult for him to regain clout in the eyes of the fans. It simply seems like lazy booking to put Reigns back into the same feud as a few months ago.
  • Orton and Cesaro had the potential to be a good match, but it was far too short and the DQ finish felt cheap. Ultimately, every man delivered a passable performance. The fact that Orton and Rollins were battling for their right to choose a stipulation was not established enough, in my opinion.
  • The dissension angle between Kane and Seth Rollins seemed flimsy at first, but both men have thrived in the absence of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.
  • Ambrose’s match with Rose was little more than a squash and had no redeeming value.
  • Big Show’s moment backstage with Kane seemed strange, considering these two were teasing a feud for weeks before WrestleMania that seems to have been abandoned in favour of a Kane/Rollins feud.
  • Stardust’s victory meant nothing, it was merely a vehicle to set up Fandango’s moment with the London audience. It was a wonderful moment to see the whole crowd come alive when Fandango’s old theme hit.
  • Daniel Bryan pep-talking Kane was even more out of place than Big Show’s “bro-ment”. Don’t these two hate each other? That being said, Bryan’s “Be a man” bit played perfectly the story, and there’s no one else who could have delivered it as effectively.


  • The segment with Kane and Rollins went over, succeeding in part because of the crowd being so on board with every moment of it. Kane played his part exceedingly well, and Rollins continues to be the best heel in the business. The way the segment ended guaranteed the story will continue and the tension increase, without taking away from the championship match with Orton.
  • Having Summer Rae accompany Mizdow to the ring does not help her character, the same way it doesn’t help Naomi to wear an Usos tee-shirt as her costume. These women are wrestlers, not valets. The match itself was nothing special, but Mizdow continues to be over with the people, and his mugging with the crowd spot is great. (Summer Rae joined him in the spot, and did anyone else notice the fan going for a bit of tummy touching on the blond beauty? Careful, Summer, those London fans can get a bit rowdy.)
  • The Prime Time Players are having so much fun with their promos these days, and it shows. Darren Young slipped in a very funny, “Rainbow is my favourite colour.”
  • Although the thought of a feud between Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper – especially with Extreme Rules right around the corner – is awesome and exciting, both Ryback and Harper were wasted in this brief segment. Harper running from a fight with Ambrose seems to go against character.
  • Naomi’s interview worked in putting over her heel turn. Her frustration felt real, and it will be interesting to see how the crowd reacts to her when they return to American soil.
  • Neville got such a rub from Ziggler, dominating the majority of the match with impressive spots and only narrowly coming up short. It would have been nice to have him do a bit of speaking in front of his country men and women, the match went over well enough without. Shaemus continues to be effective as a monster heel, something the company sorely needs with Kane and Brock Lesnar appearing to turn face.


  • The stipulations for the championship match were a bit underwhelming. Banning the RKO seems like squandering a gift, and when in the history of wrestling has a steel cage effectively prevented outside interference? It would have been more intriguing for Randy Orton to stipulate that if Seth Rollins lost by count out or disqualification, he would lose the championship belt. That would surely prevent outside interference, from J&J at the very least. The segment was a poor main event for an otherwise semi-entertaining episode of Raw.

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