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Alberto Del Rio returns to WWE!

Taking everyone by surprise, a feat not too common in the age of fast-moving information, Alberto Del Rio graced the WWE stageĀ for the first time since August 5th, 2014.

Not only that, but he did so in grand fashion, capturing his first United States Championship from John Cena at the Hell In A Cell pay-per-view special.


Del Rio is an extensively decorated superstar who boasts an impressive legacy in both Mexico and the US. In fact, in addition to his new US Title he is still AAA’s Mega Champion, a title he won from El Texano Jr on December 7th of last year.

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Lucha: Underground – July 22nd, 2015

The bravest, the boldest, the very best of lucha libre to be found anywhere on television. From The Temple in Boyle Heights comes Lucha:Underground!


Last week’s episode saw the champion Prince Puma in dire straights after an attack from Mil Muertes and Catrina’s Disciples of Death, which left manager Konnan laid out inside a coffin. Prince Puma is set to stand alone and for the first time address the believers. What will his message be? Also, the boss Dario Cueto unveils the fate that’s in store for the worthy competitors who have attained a sacred ancient Aztec medallion so far. With the Ultima Lucha mega-event just two weeks away, it’s time for the show.

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Lucha: Underground – July 8th, 2015

From The Temple in Boyle Heights, California comes the premiere showcase of lucha libre on television today.


With Ultima Lucha right around the corner, more matches are added to the card and story-lines really begin to pick up intensity. Tonight, Alberto El Patron and Johnny Mundo captain teams of four, which collide in Tag Team Atomico for the main event. Also, Cage and The Mack, Son of Havoc and number one contender Mil Muertes, Texano, Blue Demon, the Disciples and the Crew. Although absent from in-ring action, the malevolent presence of Pentagon Jr. lurks throughout the program, as he obsessively pursues and provokes Vampiro.

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Lucha: Underground – July 1st, 2015

With its first big event a little over a month away, and with rumours casting doubt on whether or not it will be renewed for a second season, the best and only showcase for Mexican-style pro wrestling brings its unique brand of violent drama to the El Rey Network!


Tonight’s episode devotes itself to building major feuds going into Ultima Lucha, including the battle for the Lucha: Underground Championship. Prince Puma and his belt are wanted men, with everyone clawing for a title shot before the big event. However, the immense shadow of Mil Muertes looms over all, champion and challenger alike, as he is guaranteed his match at Ultima. Peripherally, Alberto El Patron returns to action after his revenge attack on Johnny Mundo weeks ago. In what state of mind did the Temple crowd find him? Also in clashes to settle personal scores: Texano and DelAvar Daivari with Big Ryck at his side, and former number one contenders Drago and Hernandez.

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Lucha: Underground – May 13th, 2015

Mystery, excitement and drama galore from the Temple in Boyle Heights as lucha libre lights up the screen once again on Wednesday night!


Dario Cueto unveils new dastardly magic to his roster to quarrel over. A new luchadore debuts. A match to decide the number one contender to Prince Puma’s Championship between Hernandez and Alberto El Patron takes the main event stage. Will AAA provide the fans with the highest spots and most furious action on television yet again? All signs point to most definitely.

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Lucha: Underground – May 6th, 2015

The Temple in Boyle Heights is the venue of choice for post-Cinco de Mayo, pre-Lucha Libre World Cup action!


After successfully defending his championship title against Drago last week in a hard-fought and controversial contest, Prince Puma must focus on his next challenge: the talented but two-faced Hernandez, whose number one contender spot is placed in jeopardy. Two top luchadores vie for their right to compete for the Lucha:Underground Championship in tonight’s epic main event.

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The Jobber Run-Down: “This Week in Pro Wrestling” part three, Lucha: Underground 04/03/2015

From the temple comes the latest thrilling episode in the drama that is Lucha: Underground.

We begin with Alberto El Patron discussing his debut. The boss, Dario Cuerto, suggests opponents but Alberto will not accept anything but a match with his arch enemy, former heavyweight champion Texano. After some re-decorating of the office area by the irate champ, Cuerto agrees to put the two stars in a match on his show.



The lady Katrina is absent at the match’s onset, but her involvement with Fenix has the blood of the dangerous Mil Muertes boiling, as he jumps the bell and approaches his opponent in the aisle. His plodding pace, however, gives Fenix plenty of time to react and Muertes gets a hurricanrana to the floor to gain the early advantage

fenix.Muertes uses brute strength to get an edge, but is foiled again as Fenix back flips off the apron to escape and delivers a superkick to the face. Muertes rolls into the ring as the crowd cheers for Fenix.

Muertes again uses pure power to resist an Irish whip attempt and jars the jaw of Fenix with rock hard fists. Muertes punishes Fenix with a DDT, chops and a fall-away slam into a diamond cutter for a near fall.

Fenix attempts to rally back from a rear chin lock as Katrina makes her way down to the ringside area carrying the mystical stone that has magical powers (Or something… I guess it’s like the Undertaker’s urn… maybe…).

Fenix mounts a comeback with dropkicks and then a beautiful over the top rope aerial flip. He somersaults into the ring and hits a diamond cutter on a running Muertes but only gets a two count. Fenix attempts to come off the top rope to no avail as Muertes surprises him and the announce team with a codebreaker from the top.

Muertes locks eyes with Katrina and hits the flat-liner for the win. He beckons the sultry vixen to enter the ring and performing the “Lick of Death” on the fallen foe, but Katrina defies him. Muertes clamps his hands around her throat, pulls her over the rope into the ring and smashes her back into the corner. During the attack, the rock Katrina previously held is dropped and picked up by Fenix, who bashes Muertes with it before hitting him with a spin kick.

Fenix rushes to help Katrina, who performs an extended Lick of Death from the navel of Mil Muertes to his unconscious face, as Matt Striker on commentary attempts to compose epic poetry: “The stone from the rubble from which Mil has once emerged now may be the ashes from which Fenix flies.” Meanwhile, Vampiro manages; “He just got whacked with the stone!”


In Dario Cueto’s office, Ivelisse complains that she’s not a contender. Cueto puts her in a rematch with Angelico next week, with Son of Havoc as guest referee. I smell a sitcom!

In the gym, the champ Prince Puma hits the heavy bag when Alberto El Patron interrupts to give some sagely words of wisdom.


Winner gets a match with The Crew

It’s strange that these two are fighting for a chance to be the one in a three on one match, but oh well.

Sexy Star has established herself as a real talent, and she looks courageous and strong after standing up to the crew and even earning a victory on a previous show, but one cannot expect a man of Big Ryck size or demeanor to do the job for her.

It’s a difficult position to be in, and one that many indie promotions are tackling: the increase in mixed gender matches. It is a difficult position for the men, who need to appear strong to remain a credible competitor, but risk character sabotage by engaging in borderline bully-like behaviour. Although easier for smaller competitors with a slightly effeminate edge, like Angelico, it’s considerably more difficult for especially large athletes like Ryck, but he did an alright job.

Ryck refused to fight at first, trying to convince Star to simply “lay down” and take the loss. Star defiantly hit Ryck with feeble forearms across the chest, but finally got his attention with hard kicks to his knees and thighs. Ryck, feeling a bit of anger, charged Star in the corner but missed, allowing the blonde bomb to hit a cross body from the top rope for a fall nowhere near close.

Continuing to defy Ryck’s orders to take a dive, Sexy Star comes at him full speed ahead and slaps him across the face, finally getting to the man. He picks her up for a big slam, but pauses, and gently lowers her to the mat, where he holds her shoulders down for a three count, getting the victory without turning to excessive violence that would get him no love from the believers.

Big Ryck gets the win but has no time to celebrate as The Crew sneak up and begin beating on the big man. Sexy Star lends a hand but gets some rough treatment for her troubles. Ryck eventually gets the upper hand and clears The Crew from the ring and the cockroaches scatter as he holds his injured eye.


We are treated to a promo package that gives a career retrospective on El Patron, including his AAA lineage, his passion and love for both lucha and Mexico, and why he is now in Underground.

albertodelrio.el_.patron.lucha_.undergroundTexano is introduced as not only the youngest ever AAA Heavyweight Champ but also the longest reigning. Quite the accomplishments. Too bad his costume looks like that of a male stripper.

Alberto wrestles wearing a tee shirt, which tells me he doesn’t feel very good about the state of his body, and that’s just a shame.

The match begins with posturing, pacing, pushing. Usual early stage spots; rope running, leap frogs, hip toss, shoulder block. Tex goes old school and goads Patron to chase him around the ring only to jump him on re-entry – classic heel move. You can tell these two have worked together a lot, that they are pros at constructing a lengthy contest in the ring. Not a lot of flash, although Patron does hit the odd hurricanrana and a beautiful suicide dive between the ropes, just a lot of sound lucha basics and excellent story telling.

Texano takes the advantage with a whip to the steel guard-rail and a DDT on the floor. He gets great heel heat but kills a bit of it with a head lock. He hits Patron off the second rope with a dropkick counter but can’t score a pin. The pace drags a bit as the two heavyweights struggle to keep the crowd’s attention, which they do with a superplex.

Patron wins a slugfest and hits a big clothesline and tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. A backstabber gets a near fall, but he misses a superkick and suffers a spinebuster from Texano.

A bit of ring psychology and trickery, as Texano removes a turnbuckle pad while Patron is caught in a tree of woe. The ref sees this and intervenes, fixing the turnbuckle. Meanwhile, Texano wraps his bull-rope around one hand and beats Patron mercilessly with it. Patron escapes a superplex attempt and instead hits a top rope double stomp into Texano’s chest.

Patron feeds off the energy of the crowd and takes off his shirt. He doesn’t look bad at all. Oh, Alberto, you old tease.

Patron calls for the cross armbreaker submission, but Texano reverses the attempt and hits a sit-out powerbomb for the two. Patron comes back with an arm-breaker drop and superkick. A tornado DDT brings the bull-rope into the match, and Patron decides to opt on the side of revenge. He whips Texano repeatedly with the rope, getting himself disqualified and getting payback for the attack he suffered his first night on the program last month.

This week’s episode ends with King Cuerno and Dario Cuerto discussing a match with Johnny Mundo in a steel cage.

Duhn duhn duhhhhhhhhhhn…


Not the best show I’ve ever seen from the folks at El Rey, but no slouch either.

The opening match between Mil Muertes and Fenix was solid and packed with sexy intrigue thanks to Katrina.

Big Ryck’s kind-of-a-match with Sexy Star wasn’t much to see, even with the shmoz after the bell – which, by the way, did not serve her character as well as it served Ryck’s, and he doesn’t exactly need an awful lot to make him look strong.

The main event between two seasoned pros was good despite dragging a bit at times, which more than made up for any shortcomings the show possessed.


The action sizzles as Alberto El Patron shines in Lucha: Underground

While the rest of the wrestling universe can’t seem to stop buzzing about the latest televised offering from Full Sail University, over on the west coast there is a hot young promotion that had me leaping from my seat last week. The inventively cutting edge Lucha: Underground airs its weekly showcase on El Rey Network from its studio in Boyle Heights, LA. What made this episode special was the much anticipated welcome of newly signed AAA Heavyweight Champion Alberto El Patron, formerly Alberto Del Rio, formerly Dos Caras, Jr.

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Alberto officially joins Lucha Underground

alberto-del-rioSince his release from WWE in early August, fans wondered where the talented superstar would take himself next. In a press release issued on January 17th, 2015, it was officially announced that Alberto El Patron (formerly known as Alberto Del Rio) had signed with Lucha Underground.

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