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Wyatt adds intrigue to Royal Rumble match!

Bernie Barnes @thedailyjobber

The Royal Rumble match, in which Roman Reigns is being forced to defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship, has become much more interesting.


At the conclusion of this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw, Bray Wyatt and his gang of loyal followers made a dramatic statement, making their intentions to dominate the annual battle royal event clear.

Until now, the focal point of the Royal Rumble match has been upon the current, reigning, defending champ Roman Reigns and his battle with Vincent K. McMahon and the Authority. McMahon and his family are furious at Reigns getting the better of them and succeeding despite their efforts to sabotage him, and this year’s Royal Rumble has been orchestrated to stack the deck firmly against last year’s winner.


Add to the mix one Brock Lesnar. Lesnar has legitimate contention for the top prize in WWE, having never been beaten squarely for his title. The Beast Incarnate has entered the Royal Rumble match to vie for “his” belt, and so far has looked like an unstoppable force and biggest odds on favourite to walk away from Sunday’s pay-per-view the victor.


At the conclusion of the latest go-home Raw program, Roman Reigns was outnumbered and beaten down by members of the League Of Nations. The squad of foreign heels have repeatedly targeted Reigns after team leader Sheamus lost the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. They have the appearance of being in collusion with the Authority, as do the Tag Team Champions, New Day.

Brock Lesnar managed to take out the members of LON, thus again asserting his unyielding physical supremacy over all.

That supremacy would not go unchallenged, however.


The Wyatt Family surprised the WWE Universe by showing up. As a segment showcased earlier in the program, the Wyatts have been showing up to decisively obliterate superstars such as Big Show, Ryback, and the Dudley Boys.

Much to everyone’s surprise and chagrin, the Wyatt Family did the same to the Beast, Brock Lesnar. There are scant few instances that have audiences seeing Lesnar layed out and incapacitated, but that is exactly what happened on Monday night. Both Lesnar and the WWE Champ were down and out, as Bray and his minions stood tall.


The biggest challenge facing WWE creative as it gears up for the Royal Rumble is keeping the outcome of the main event anyone’s guess. In past years, fans either strongly suspected or were painfully certain of who would end up winning the day.

After Monday night, the question of who will win the Royal Rumble match and become the undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion is far from easily answered. Roman Reigns retaining against all odds is no longer a lock. Brock Lesnar walking in and dominating every other competitor isn’t the surest prognosis.

The event has become more intriguing now that Bray Wyatt has made his play for power. But further intrigue can be found in unknown potentials.


There is still the question of AJ Styles, who is rumoured to be coming to WWE. Although it is not certain yet, reports say that Styles may very well debut at the Royal Rumble match, or possibly on Raw or Smackdown following the event. Could WWE make a dramatic move of putting the WWE title on veteran (but not to the Big Fed) Styles?


The other question, which has not been addressed by WWE at all during the build thus far, is whether Triple H will be a surprise Rumble entrant. The McMahons have been silent on H’s whereabouts since being attacked by Roman Reigns, and many are predicting the COO to walk in and steal the championship. Rumours are calling for a Triple H vs Roman Reigns match for WrestleMania, but whether that match will involve the title is still up in the air.

Presently, experts are predicting the five most likely candidates to win the 2016 Royal Rumble match as Triple H, Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, Brock Lesnar and Kevin Owens.

Could there be more surprises waiting in store on the fateful night?

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