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Sting inducted into WWE Hall Of Fame!

WWE officially announced on Twitter, then to the television audiences on Monday Night Raw: first inductee to this year’s Hall Of Fame is former WCW/TNA Champion Sting.

maxresdefault (2)

The man born as Steve Borden responded via Twitter, saying he was “honored”. COO Triple H released a statement: “His contributions to our industry are unprecedented, and we look forward to celebrating his incredible career with fans all over the world.”

The news comes as a bit of surprise to any wrestling fans who might have been under the impression Sting was still an active member of the roster.

58963298b950cd6783f4f8409ff7998dTraditionally, Hall Of Fame induction is reserved for superstars retired from the ring. The last time WWE audiences saw Sting in action was against Seth Rollins at the Night Of Champions pay-per-view. Instead of being just another match, Sting was vying for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

(Sting lost said match with Rollins, bringing his official WWE record to 0-2.)

During the match at NOC, Sting suffered a neck injury and underwent surgery. On Ric Flair’s podcast, Sting said he had cervical spinal stenosis.

“That’s what it is,” he said. “I have two areas in my neck where the spinal canal, which holds the spinal cord, it’s kind of choked off in two different locations.”

When asked by’s Greg Adkins whether the match with Rollins would be his last, Sting could give no definitive answer.

6236 - sting wcw yelling

It’s interesting to note that The Undertaker currently has no opponent for a home-crowd Texas WrestleMania. With such fan buzz surrounding a theoretical “Phenom vs Franchise” showdown on the grand stage, coupled with Sting’s undefined status on the roster, one begins to wonder if the induction is not fodder for some angle.

One can hope, at least.

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