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Predictions and projections for 2016

It’s the time of year for review and resolution. It’s a time to take a look back at the year that’s gone by and in doing so appreciate the present.

What’s next is to look ahead at 2016. Which superstars will stand out, excel and achieve greatness? Which wrestlers will fall short of potential?


The Daily Jobber wishes all the marks, smarks, heels, faces, no-sellers and super-bumpers a Happy New Year’s. Here are some Jobber predictions for 2016…


dolph-ziggler-620x350-2185421Dolph Ziggler
WWE’s resident workhorse will continue to build up and put over new talent emerging from NXT, much the same way he did with Kevin Owens and Tyler Breeze in 2015.

He will not win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

He will continue to put the business of sports entertainment first, giving top-notch performances every week and bumping like a boss for everyone. He will do this until he gets another concussion or quits to be a comedic actor.

The Big Show
will remind everyone that he is a giant, in case they forgot.

RAW_04272015ej_1429Neville will win a singles title – most likely the United States Championship. He will either win a single’s title, or will form a tag team. A good partner for him would be Cesaro, if his own single’s career dives.

kevin-owensKevin Owens
The portly pugilist will continue to wow crowds and build a credible resume of victories and programs over the year.

He will win the Money in the Bank contract, thus becoming an even more prominent and undeniable thorn in everyone’s side (including Kevin Dunn’s).

He will not ascend to the main event scene, but will never be far removed.

Goldust and Stardust will finally have the heart-felt, high drama blow-off feud with one another … hopefully.

dwayne-rock-johnsonThe Rock will appear at WrestleMania and draw out the delivery of his catch phrase to lengths of stalling we didn’t know possible.

new-dday-600x300New Day
Xavier Woods and his clan of merry men will hold the tag team division together, much like they did in 2015. When the division gets some new blood, perhaps with the addition of Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady from NXT, they can think of breaking up.

If they do divide, it will be Xavier embarking on a solo career. His big mouth and massive ego make him prime fodder for a double-cross. Big E and Kofi can experience a nice run as a tag team in the meantime.

tyler-breeze-wawnationTyler Breeze will be a more successful NXT grad than Bo Dallas, but less successful than Kevin Owens. Think Neville level success.

The Usos
will eventually wear every single colour in the known rainbow at the same time.

After breathing new life into the tag division with Tyson Kidd and amassing a cult following among true believers, Cesaro will return from injury to make an impact on the mid-card scene.

He will win a singles belt, most likely the Intercontinental Championship, and defend it proudly for an extended period of time.

will attempt to be John Cena, making charity work his focus. He still won’t come close to touching the achievements of Titus O’Neil (aka Mother Theresa).

John Cena
The WWE’s resident super-hero will not retire in 2016, but he will become less of a constant presence. In making room for new stars to take over the main event realm, Cena will get involved with more projects outside of wrestling – film, television, charities & work with his boys and girls in the military.

He will also work with WWE to expand their world presence. He, along with Steph, Vince and Hunter, will take the brand to India, Italy, Germany, China and eventually the moon.

Becky Lynch
will not win the Divas Championship in 2016, but will become the people’s champion/ultimate underdog/Daniel Bryan type of contender.


Vince McMahon 
will grow even richer and more muscular, as he will devour the body of Donald Trump after his failed presidential campaign in order to absorb his essence.

will attempt a run as an in-ring competitor, most likely trying to revive the feud she sparked with Summer Rae. It won’t last, and she will go back to managing Rusev.

Rusev will attempt to regain the intimidation factor he lost in 2015. While he won’t reach the heights of character credibility he had when he held the US Championship title in 2014, but he will become a major player heel – as he should.

Triple H will devote more and more time to building up NXT, but will still take the time to steal the spotlight away from younger stars (like father-in-law, like son-in-law).

The Wyatt Family
Good things for the cult leader and his followers in 2016.

Erik Rowan and Luke Harper could kick up the level of competition in the tag division if they choose to revive their run in NXT.

Bray himself will become a contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He probably won’t win the title, but he will be an ominous presence, threatening the champion and top contenders, heel and face alike – much like Brock Lesnar in 2015.

Braun Strowman will not claim any titles in 2016, but will be instrumental in ensuring the Wyatt Family’s continuing dominance.

The family will add new members. Likely candidates: Bo Dallas, Adam Rose, Curtis Axel, and Nia Jax.

Roman Reigns
will hold the WWE World Heavyweight Championship until Seth Rollins comes back.

Seth Rollins 
will return from rehabbing his injury half-way through the year to a massive pop. He will try to pick up where he left off as the biggest heel in the company, but it will be difficult because of the incredibly positive reactions he gets from the people.

He will eventually get his heat back, but the seeds will be planted for a future face turn against the Authority.

Dean Ambrose
will continue to be the forgotten middle child of the Shield family, until they decide to pull the pin and turn him heel.

He will betray Roman Reigns, maybe even costing him the WWE Heavyweight Championship.

Perhaps he will sell out to the Authority, perhaps he will align himself with Rollins, or perhaps he will do it because he’s just a wild card. He will continue the Rowdy Roddy Piper tradition of being an influential, accomplished and ridiculously over wrestler who never wins the big belt.

Brock Lesnar
will continue to be the greatest living phenomenon in professional wrestling.


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