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Attitude change benefits Enzo & Cass

The latest episode of NXT, live from Orlando, saw a new demeanor displayed by Full Sail veteran tag team Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady.


The two Jersey boys, along with their Staten Island princess Carmella, bi-passed their trademark microphone introduction. Instead, they wore stone scowls as they marched unceremoniously to the ring. The normally boisterous duo proceeded to attack their opponents with pure power offense, making short work of Corey Hollis and John Skyler.

The new, more focused direction taken by Enzo, Cass and Carmella comes as a result of injuries suffered recently at the hands of new NXT Tag Team Champions Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson. Next week at NXT Takeover: London, both teams collide in a match for the titles.


Enzo Amore began his career with NXT unconventionally. Having played football and basketball in high school and college while earning a degree in journalism, the name born Eric Arndt met Triple H through his personal trainer Joe DeFranco. He earned a tryout for NXT based on his look and promo ability alone.


Colin Cassady, born William Morrissey, first met Arndt playing basketball at age 15. He wrestled for World of Unpredictable Wrestling (WUW) in 2010 before signing with Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) in 2011. He moved to NXT around the same time as Arndt and it wasn’t long before they formed a tag team.

NXT_245_Photo_12-3795468419The pair are considered old schoolers in the ranks of NXT, and while other alumni such as the Lucha Dragons and the Ascension have moved on to the main roster, they remain. What’s more, they have yet to capture the NXT Tag Team Championships.

Their popularity is due in part to their entertaining microphone presence. Like those pioneers of the Attitude Era, the New Age Outlaws, their opening introduction is so well-known that fans in the arena can chime along with it.

Their gimmick, however entertaining and catchy it may be, has the ulterior purpose of hiding the weaknesses in their in-ring ability. It also runs the risk of turning them into a comedy relief mid-card team.

This new attitude change is a good move for the team, and will serve to build their credibility as serious competitors. It also comes about in an honest, believable way and does not reek of the contrived.


In a post-match promo, delivered with the same, focused intensity as their entrance and attacks, Amore spoke directly to Dash and Dawson. He said very plainly that wrestling was what put food on their table, and that for trying to take that away from him by injuring his partner Cass, his “family”, the champs would pay.


Cassady, who suffered a story-line knee injury at the hands of Dash and Dawson, cut an intense, 80s-style promo and shook with visible rage. The performance was effective.

Can the “realest guys in the room” succeed in putting away “the Mechanics”, who are on a roll? Can they successfully get over as legitimate championship material?

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