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Dash and Dawson new champions!

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder defeated The Vaudevillains this past Wednesday to become new NXT Tag Team Champions.


The match was described by ringside announcers as “a dissection”, and it is difficult to disagree. Dawson and Wilder displayed the same grit, aggression and technical ruthlessness they have made their trademark as of late.


“The Mechanics”, as they are often known, viciously attacked the knee of Aiden English throughout the match, while keeping Simon Gotch at bay.

English ended up tapping out to an inverted figure-four leglock applied by Dawson.


Wilder debuted in 2005 under the name Steven Walters, wrestling for various NWA promotions, as well as OMEGA Championship Wrestling, Resistance Pro Wrestling, Dragon Gate USA, All Star Wrestling and Preston City Wrestling.


Dawson likewise wrestled for NWA and independent promotions such as CWF Atlantic, AWA Superstars of Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Zero1 after debuting in 2004 under the name KC McKnight. He also appeared briefly in Ring of Honor in 2010.

Dawson joined WWE/NXT in 2012 and formed largely unsuccessful tag teams with Judas Devlin, Garrett Dylan, and Alexander Rusev. After a brief hiatus due to injury, Dawson joined with new NXT signee Dash Wilder in 2014 to form The Mechanics.


The duo made their television debut in July of 2014, but didn’t enjoy their first win until July of 2015. Since then, they proved themselves a force to be reckoned with, gaining an impressive win over the Vaudevillains in the second round of the Dusty Rhodes Classic, although they eventually lost to Finn Balor and Samoa Joe in the semi-finals.

Dash and Dawson’s latest victory marks their first title reign in WWE.

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