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Shield “reunions” teasing WrestleMania 32 moment?

When Seth Rollins lended support to former friends turned bitter rivals Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns on the October 19th edition of Monday Night Raw, it stopped the show.


Some may argue that Rollins’s motivations for doing so were flimsy, but no one can deny the awesome drawing power of all three ex-members of The Shield together in the ring simultaneously.

Add opposition like Bray Wyatt and Family to the mix, such an event becomes a recipe for must-see television.

Rollins played the match true to his character, hesitating to stand united with Reigns and Ambrose at the match’s kick-off, and ultimately abandoning his teammates to preserve his own interests – namely, himself.


Rollins was thrust to the focal point of the sports entertainment world when he won the WWE’s top title, and thus far he has done nothing but prove that he is absolutely worthy and deserving of such a coveted position in the company. His mic work has been sublime, his in-ring athletics masterful. He is such a great heel that people want to cheer for him – that’s how good he is.

Credit is due to all three performers, in fact.


It is difficult to find moments when Dean Ambrose drops character. He nearly always finds a way to deliver material in a way that is believable. Total commitment to every moment and passionate rendering of otherwise contrived material characterize the “Lunatic Fringe”. He may not always give you something you haven’t seen before, but he tries his best to find a way to do it in a way that’s fresh and unexpected. The same goes for his in-ring work, which permeates competence and innovation.


Roman Reigns, although not nearly as adept on the mic as his Shield-mates, he has shown a tendency to thrive when in their company. Reigns, on his own, lacks definitive character, which affects the ability for people to connect with him. When placed beside Rollins the conniving architect and Ambrose the explosive wildcard, Reigns becomes an anchor. Not merely a straight man, he maintains balance, objectivity, focus, and resolve. What matters most is getting the job done. This no-nonsense attitude is what Reigns excels in.


The edition of raw from Dallas, Texas, was not the first time that a Shield reunion has been teased or explored.

In May 2015 at WWE Payback, the trio competed in a four-way dance, joined by Randy Orton, for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. During the match, they revived the “triple power-bomb” spot which put them on the map as a force to be reckoned with when they debuted in late 2012.


The Shield dynamic offers a wealth of potential for future story-lines and angles between the three characters, and each character in turn is so individually complex, layered and human. All three wrestlers are undoubtedly the future of the company’s main event, along with others like Bray Wyatt and Kevin Owens.

Could WWE, by teasing a Shield reunion in Dallas on Monday Night Raw suggest a possible main event for WrestleMania 32?


Certainly, a triple-threat between Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose would make for an incredible WrestleMania moment, and would be fitting considering the way they all debuted and made their mark on the WWE landscape as a unit.

The stage is all set for such an event to occur. Seth Rollins is currently sitting atop the Fed after winning World Heavyweight gold at WM31. Both Reigns and Ambrose are firmly over with fans and have established themselves as upper mid-card contenders over the past year.

A triple-threat main event for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship between Shield alumni is highly possible. Not only that, but it is guaranteed to produce a contest worthy of acclaim.

If such a match did come to fruition, it would further cement the legacy of all three in the annuls of WWE history.


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