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IRONWOMAN SET FOR TAKEOVER – NXT recap, Sept 16th 2015

Full Sail University let’s its stars out to play Wednesday night. From Orlando Florida, it’s NXT!


The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Invitational continues into the quarter-finals with the pair of swinging wrecking balls known as Baron Corbin and Rhyno taking on the new indie sensations Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa. Apollo Crews gets his first real challenge, facing Solomon Crowe. Bayley returns to action with her new Women’s Championship, and the main event for NXT Takeover is announced. Also in action: Tye Dillinger, Bull Dempsey, Tyler Breeze and Adam Rose.


Adam Rose announced to the fans from the voice of his new, bitter persona that since the WWE Universe decided to poop on his party, he would poop on the NXT Universe’s party. Sporting gear approaching that of Stone Cold Steve Austin and wearing his glasses, Rose’s new gimmick reeks of unoriginal thinking. There’s not really anywhere for this character to go, no great depth behind him, it feels like more of a placeholder for the ageing talent who can’t seem to make anything work.

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The match with Tyler Breeze didn’t happen, because Bull Dempsey came out to challenge Breeze in response to last week’s cheap shot. Rose attacked Dempsey but was quickly put down and out. Breeze cheap shot again, escapes a similar fate. Dempsey ends the segment fuming, demanding a match with Breeze.


Working together will no doubt be good for both performers, moreso for Dempsey who is need of a career boost. Breeze may be treading water at the moment, but his promotion to the main roster is only a matter of time and the more time he can spend elevating other talent, the better he will be in the end.

Dempsey and Rose will most likely meet in a match, perhaps next week, in which Breeze will inevitably interfere.


Tye Dillinger took his catchy new gimmick for a stroll this week, making fairly quick work of NXT jobber Danny Burch.

The crowd is so into Dillinger’s new hook that it seems an awful waste him getting steam-rolled by Apollo Crews at Takeover Brooklyn. But I suppose any exposure is good exposure.


Dillinger looks in the best shape of his career, he seems confident and capable, and he is enjoying a real crowd connection thanks to his one-syllable chant and easily marketable hand sign. If he hopes to have any staying power, he needs to build or the crowd may tire of his cartwheels and begin treat him as the delusional heel he could very easily and quickly become.


Apollo Crews brought his big smiles, big muscles and big jumps to Full Sail again this week, and unfortunately for Solomon Crowe, the crowd has chosen their favourite.


Crowe appeared visibly annoyed by the fans’ support of the new talent, claiming emphatically “This is my time!” The announcers played up his frustration, citing jealousy and bitterness. This could turn into an advantageous angle, capitalizing on Crews shiny, new baby face and Crowe’s string of losses since entering NXT.


Since his debut, the brooding misfit has lacked anything to do. Placed in a program opposite the new fan favourite could be a way to give him something to sink his teeth into. It would also serve to give Crews something more substantial than just a series of tumbling drills every week. Too easy.


In the first quarter-final match of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Invitational, Rhyno and Baron Corbin pulled off an upset against new indie sensations Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa.

This actually came as a shocker. Ciampa and Gargano were hyped in the dirt sheets so much as hot signings, one would expect them to make a bit more of an impact in the tournament. One has to wonder what will become of the unit; whether they will continue competing as a team or whether they will split and seek their fortunes in the singles ranks. Either way, both men show a youthful energy and innovative approach to the game, and will be interesting to watch as their careers progress.


The pairing of Corbin and Rhyno sits oddly. Neither man is known for playing well with others, yet they seem to show very few signs of dissension. An opportunity is being missed here. The hinting of Rhyno being single-minded and greedy for mayhem could be a hindrance to the team working together, as could be Corbin’s disdain for established indie talents and his desire to be the “Lone Wolf” he’s been built up to be.


This pairing can succeed based on sheer destructive force alone, the addition of dissension in the face of continuing victories would add enjoyable layers to the drama.


Bayley returned, belt in hand, to celebrate with her Full Sail fan-base. She exploded into the crowd, running through the bleachers, hugging and high-fiving all the way. She even pulled a lucky girl into the ring to share in her posing.

Bayley’s feel-good, fan-friendly, family-friendly vibe is heart-warming. I wouldn’t be surprised, given her young age, if she one day beat John Cena’s Make-A-Wish tally.


Oh yeah, and she fought a match tonight too.

Sarah Dobson put in a solid performance against the Women’s Champ, selling with zeal and dishing out an aggressive-looking offense. Bayley won with a pair of corner spots followed by a pair of suplexes, climaxing in the Bayley to belly.


Sasha Banks came out to confront the champ after the match, and once again found it difficult to keep her emotions in check. In recounting their epic match at Takeover Brooklyn, the former champ was visibly choked up and struggled to maintain her bitter heel-face.

After a back-and-forth, William Regal announced that Bayley would defend her title against Banks in the main event of NXT Takeover (entitled “Respect”) on October 7th in a 30-minute Iron Man Match. The NXT crowd rightfully picked up the chant “Iron Woman” to close the show.


This is a major statement by Triple H and the NXT roster. Charlotte Flair has spoken openly about her goal to one day main event WrestleMania, and this is a necessary step to that ultimate goal. The NXT fans have already made their voices heard; they don’t care about gender, as long as the action is hot they will cheer for it.

The company has now placed a great deal of faith in the hands of both Banks and Bayley to deliver a memorable event, and it’s doubtful they will disappoint.

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