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Global Force Invades TNA! – Wednesday Night Impact, August 12th, 2015

Jeff Jarrett is left in charge of TNA while Bully Ray recovers from a mysterious attack, and he brings his GFW wrestlers to the Impact Zone for a night of friendly competition!


The King of the Mountain Championship is put up for grabs in tonight’s main event, as five TNA/GFW stars battle for the coveted prize. But who will compete? And who will take home the gold? Also, in the spirit of competition, it’s Global Force Wrestling vs Total Non-stop Action: Awesome Kong goes one on one with Lei’d Tapa; Tag Team Champions The Wolves take on Trevor Lee and Ryan Myers; X-Division action sees Champion Tigre Uno tangle with Sunjay Dutt. EC3, Matt Hardy, Eric Young, Lashley, Jesse Godderz, Drew Galloway, Bobby Roode, Rockstar Spud and more familiar faces all join in this ground-breaking attempt at cross-promotional warfare.


  • Jarrett opens. Eric Young challenges Jarrett for King of the Mountain title. Jarrett makes KotM match for main event, allows Young entry. Young attacks Jarrett, GFW wrestlers make the save, TNA wrestlers back up Young, big shmoz.
  • Backstage: Jarrett calms down his GFW guys, telling them “This is not an invasion.”


  • Lei’d Tapa (with Royal Red) vs Awesome Kong: brawl to the outside, match is called double count-out.
  • Backstage: PJ Black (aka Justin Gabriel) sand-bags importance of KotM, comes across as cocky douche-bag heel.
  • Backstage: Drew Galloway honoured to be in KotM match, fighting for TNA and for professional wrestling.
  • Bobby Roode in ring, pissed off about exclusion from main event. Brings out Rockstar Spud to condescend and belittle. Spud stands up for himself, hits Roode. Roode viciously beats down Spud.
  • Backstage: Roode tells off ex-boss Jeff Jarrett.
  • “The Man” Jesse Godderz vs Bobby Lashley: spear hits for the win. Lashley gets entry into KotM match as a prize.
  • Recap of Hardy/Carter Full Metal Mayhem title match last week.
  • Backstage: Drew Galloway found unconscious, attacked by unknown forces.
  • Office: Dixie Carter, Jeff Jarrett and Karen waffle through bad improv. Dismay over negative happenings on what was supposed to be a great night.
  • Ethan Carter III and Tyrus in ring promo. EC3 boasts until Matt Hardy comes down. EC3 denies Hardy a rematch and Tyrus attacks. EC3 hits Hardy with title belt to close segment.
  • Pillow talk with The Dollhouse: Tayrn Terrell wants Jade and Marti Bell to fight Gail Kim in a steel cage match.
  • Backstage: Chris Mordetzky (aka Chris Masters) is out to prove GFW dominance and show everyone his greatness. Bicep pose.
  • Trevor Lee & Ryan Myers vs The Wolves (c): Wolves win with power-bomb/back-stabber combo.
  • Backstage: Lashley is out to defend TNA in KotM, then plays with his phone some more.


  • X-Division match – Tigre Uno (c) vs Sunjay Dutt: Uno reverses top-rope hurracanrana into sunset pin, gets the three.
  • Backstage: EC3 tells off Jarrett. Jarrett says that KotM winner will face EC3 for title next week. Can he actually do that?
  • Mr Anderson cuts fuming promo on Bram.
  • King of the Mountain Match – Robbie E vs PJ Black vs Chris Mordetzky vs Eric Young vs Lashley: Lashley pins Young. Black pins Mordetzky. Robbie pins Black. Lashley pins Robbie. Mordetzky pins Young. Young pins Robbie. Ladder and belt in play. Lashley spears Young off ladder. Black hits 360 splash to Lashley, hooks title to win. EC3 faces off with PJ Black to close show.



Jeff Jarrett kicked off the show by saying that he pitched the idea to Dixie to start a new rivalry in the manner of an executive proposing a merger. He followed this up later by stating vehemently to his GFW wrestlers that “this is not an invasion”, and that they are appearing on TNA in the spirit of competition. This sent a very muddled message to the audience as to who to cheer for, and the wrestlers seemed confused as to how they were supposed to behave in promos and in the ring.


If your promotion “invades” another show, it will naturally take the role of heel. As was seen during the show, the crowd erupted in “TNA” chants, because TNA is the house brand. However, the TNA audience also loves Jarrett, and with Jarrett acting like the biggest baby-faced promoter in the world, it is difficult not to want to cheer his boys as well. In the spirit of showmanship, it would have made for much more enjoyable television if Jarrett had perhaps set aside his white hat for the night and became Vince McMahon, the evil mastermind at the helm who unleashes his roster with the goal to show TNA who is the best.


Instead, the audience got a wishy-washy boss who didn’t want this to be an invasion, but forgot to tell that to the wrestlers. The TNA vs GFW angle also made for awkward moments, like Mr Anderson and other faces coming to the aid of psychotic heel and loner Eric Young.


Lei’d Tapa drew no heat on her entrance with boring music and no expressions whatsoever save a stern scowl. Her manager, Royal Red, came across as an indie barker, yelling needlessly into the mic at the crowd who sand-bagged him entirely until Kong’s music hit.


The sight of Kong meeting her match was spell-binding, but the match was lumbering and two-dimensional. Clotheslines, shoulder blocks, forearms, slams, splashes, no-selling. The double count job was a way for both wrestlers to avoid jobbing, and made sense even if it was a cheap way out.



Bobby Roode and Rockstar Spud did some very good work on the mic in their segment, and the beat-down at the end was effective. Roode’s anger at Spud for retiring Austin Aries gives this feud real motivation, and places Spud in direct competition with more of TNA’s elite.


Spud has really come up in the past year, going head to head with the likes of Kurt Angle, Aries, EC3 and now Roode, and his career as a baby-faced hero of the underdogs is gaining new ground each week. It was nice to see Spud showing more gall, not only getting right in Roode’s face but also striking first, and it marks progression in his character’s confidence.


What would really solidify him as a main event talent would be if he could win the respect of one who is ardently anti-Spud. Kurt Angle will respect anybody with heart, you expect it from him. Bobby Roode might be a good candidate for that role. If Spud could win the respect of a Dirty Heel and master worker like Roode, it would be a huge push.


Jessie Godderz and Bobby Lashley fought each other for a vacant spot in the King of the Mountain main event. This seemingly simple statement births more than a couple of questions.


First of all, why were these two competing for a vacant spot, especially considering no one else had to? Eric Young was just given the spot at the beginning of the show, and Jarrett seemed to choose the rest of the participants at random. Wouldn’t the winner be at a significant disadvantage in the main event, having already fought a match, while the rest of the participants would be fresh as daisies? Why, if you had a themed evening of GFW vs TNA, would you not book Jessie “The Man” Godderz in a match against Chris “The Adonis” Mordetzky? It would seem like an obvious fit.


Also, what kind of an even qualifying match is this? Lashley was World Heavyweight Champion a few short months ago, and Godderz is fresh from a loss to Robbie E at Slammiversary. Godderz, appropriately, was out-classed from bell to bell. His botching the bump from Lashley’s spear put the punctuation on a farce of a match.


Ethan Carter III and Matt Hardy had a decent segment together, although following the Roode/Spud program it reeked of repeat booking. Carter played the part of pompous elitist perfectly, and Hardy hit all the right baby-face notes of “hard work”, “respect”, “perseverance” and “guts”.


Carter’s misdirection deserved an Emmy in and of itself, coming off as completely sincere in giving Hardy his due credit and then letting the audience decide if he should get another title shot. It was a ruse of impeccable execution, capped off with a beautiful heel-swerve heat-getter.


If Jeff Jarrett was attempting to put over the strength of Global Force Wrestling’s tag team division, he failed with this match. Myers and Lee, who obviously come from indie renown and possess proper skills, looked like enhancement talent slapped together for a night to operate as a team in order to put over the champs.


The Wolves, in comparison, looked unified and cohesive and executed all of their trademark tandem offense flawlessly. If there was one team on the GFW roster that wore matching uniforms, perhaps had a team name, and used some tandem moves of their own, it would have been nice to see them compete instead, regardless of how talented Myers and Lee might be.


The “invasion in the spirit of competition” angle fell flat again, with no show of respect or handshake before or after the match – even from the face Wolves – and Josh Mathews boasting “1-0” for Team TNA.


The X-Division match between Tigre Uno and Sunjay Dutt attempted to level the playing field between GFW and TNA, but only just a bit.


Tigre put over the skill of Dutt, allowing him to control the majority of the match with beautiful high spots and fancy offense, and getting the win thanks to a sneaky reversal. This match seemed to be cut for time, as it was very brief and lacked any real narrative.


Dutt looked like a strong and impressive talent, and Tigre was humble in victory. It was probably the smartest piece of booking of any match in the show, although there was very little meat to the match itself.


This match was, simply put, one botch after another. Where to start? After an entire episode building suspense as to who Jarrett will select to participate in the main event, followed by further suspense as to who he would select to replace Drew Galloway, the audience is rewarded with… Robbie E. Not taking anything away from the competitor, but his inclusion was hardly a pay off for the crowd.


The match itself lacked any kind of structure or story. Unlike the main event of Slammiversary, which boasted a few very well-orchestrated spots, this was simply a chaotic series of quick pins with a couple of sloppy high risks that looked just plain dangerous. Most notable was Eric Young’s piledriver to Robbie E on the steel steps. After the match, Robbie was seen staggering and holding his neck, helped to the back by a medic, and it was unclear if his selling was a work or shoot. The action had an unscripted feel to it, with certain spots lacking the tight coordination needed in a multi-person ladder match. Never was there a clear fan-favourite, and there was no clear GFW vs TNA feel, with every man fending for himself, and so there was very little in which the audience could get very invested.


The ending to the match yielded a couple of awkward botches, one looking painful and dangerous. The first was Lashley’s spear to Young from the second rope, in which Young – despite trying to compete with PJ Black for the title at the top of the ladder – had to actually take a step down so he could receive the spear. That was at least a safe spot, with Lashley not willing to go from the top rope. PJ Black, a veteran of high flying acrobatics, chose likewise to leap from the middle of the ladder instead of the top, so when he executed his 360 splash his feet and knees came down right into Lashley’s body. It looked bad.


That was the spot that won the match for PJ Black, who becomes the King of the Mountain Champion and contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship despite receiving no build whatsoever and coming off in a backstage interview as a complete cocky heel with no investment in competing at all. So ends the ambitious cross-promotional endeavour of Jeff Jarrett.

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