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Bayley Bests Becky! – WWE NXT, August 12th, 2015

Full Sail University whips out its members on Wednesday night to show the world what it’s made of… Time for NXT!


The Takeover: Brooklyn event is a week away, and the card is taking full shape. Tonight’s main event once again features Divas action, as Bayley takes on Becky Lynch in an attempt to secure her shot against the champ Sasha Banks. Also on this week’s episode: Tye Dillinger’s number gets called; Baron Corbin meets his match; and NXT Champ Finn Balor gets some exercise.


  • William Regal makes it official: Balor vs Owens Championship match at Takeover: Brooklyn will be a Ladder Match.
  • Solomon Crowe vs Tye Dillinger: knee to temple Codebreaker variation gets win for Dillinger.
  • Baron Corbin vs Axel Tischer: Corbin squashes in seconds, cuts post-match promo. Steve Cutler runs in, gets squashed. Samoa Joe faces off with Corbin. Corbin beats down Joe, but Joe puts him to sleep and stands tall.


  • Bull Dempsey gym montage.
  • Tyler Breeze cuts promo on Jushin Thunder Liger.
  • Marcus Louis vs Finn Balor (c): Balor wins with Coup de Gras. Kevin Owens attacks on ramp. Balor hits dropkick to rail, but Owens hits Pop-up Power-bomb to stand tall.
  • Backstage: Vaudevillains say they have plan to deal with Alexa Bliss. Bliss slaps both of them and wishes them luck.
  • Promo vignette building debut of Apollo Crews (aka Uhaa Nation) at Takeover: Brooklyn.


  • No. 1 Contenders Match – Bayley vs Becky Lynch: Bayley reverses armbar attempt, gets roll-up for three-count. Sasha Banks and Bayley face off to close show.


“10!” IS THE NEW “YES!”

Although Solomon Crowe put on a nice showing this week with an array of innovative offense delivered with frenetic intensity, the story of this match was the new push for Tye Dillinger.


Calling himself “The Perfect 10”, Dillinger comes across as a poor man’s Mr Perfect. The gimmick shows real promise, with the NXT Universe already getting behind it with score cards flashing and chants of “Ten!” with the enthusiasm reminiscent of Daniel Bryan’s “Yes!” chants. Bryan proved that if you give the crowd an accessible, effective handle that can be used in a variety of ways, there’s no limit to how big it can get (an accompanying hand gesture doesn’t hurt either).


Dillinger has put in his time, he has the fundamentals, the look, the confidence and the experience. Now with this new gimmick, it may be time for him to finally start his rise through the ranks.


Baron Corbin’s anti-wrestler gimmick was pushed along further this week with another quick squash which had the crowd livid with chants of “We want wrestling”, and “Boring”. Corbin’s post-match promo proved that he needs work on the mic.


Although his in-ring style has garnered him a massive amount of heat, his comments didn’t do anything to build on that and instead fell flat. Samoa Joe came to confront the ex-football star on behalf of die-hard wrestling fans, and a more perfect opposition to Corbin’s reign of boredom could not exist.


The initial beat-down made the Lone Wolf look strong, but having Joe get the last laugh was the right way to go. When these two collide at Takeover: Brooklyn, can Joe’s veteran indie expertise bring Corbin to a quality match? Will Baron Corbin cement his legacy as the pro wrestling hero killer of NXT by putting down the legend?


Finn Balor fought resident NXT odd-ball Marcus Louis, who has an extraordinary amount of characterization for guy with no defined gimmick. Is he supposed to be a vampire, a zombie, a mutant, a genetic freak, a psychopath, a demon, an animal, a “Hills Have Eyes” in-bred, or something else altogether? Regardless, Balor showed his class by getting over the viciousness of Louis’s offense before coming back and putting him away with his signature maneuvers.


The post-match with Owens was pretty text-book pre-Pay-Per-View build material. It’s difficult to be invested in Owens when he competes in NXT anymore because of how immersed he is in the main roster. He was challenging Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on Monday Night Raw, and now the audience is asked to believe he is focused on regaining the NXT belt from Finn Balor.


Owens is a skilled worker and deserves credit for selling it, but it is a stretch. The news that he will compete with Balor in the organization’s first ladder match is enough to make even a smark mark out, and it will be a great way to cap off his NXT career.


Becky Lynch and Bayley put on a corker to main event this week’s episode, but the match’s narrative execution suffered. The match had a great story, and the wrestlers told it well: Bayley is the plucky underdog, scratching and clawing her way courageously through the ranks to become champion.


Becky Lynch, with her reputation and in-ring acumen already solidified, is the “better wrestler” and the odds-on-favourite to win – a point that wasn’t hammered home nearly enough. Bayley’s underdog status, along with her heroin’s journey, also lacked a proper push. There were, for example, no recounts of her wins over Emma and Charlotte which brought her to this point. There was also no talk of how accomplished a competitor Lynch is, thus building her up as a formidable obstacle in Bayley’s way.


The announce team was too busy during this match fumbling over one another in an attempt to accommodate the presence of NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. Having a guest commentator is a great way to detract from a match, because their job is to put themselves over instead of the action in the ring. This match was the main event and deserved undivided focus, and the inclusion of Banks was a bad move.


Hopefully, in the final build to Takeover: Brooklyn, the production team can put together a proper promo vignette which will give Bayley’s heroic struggle and ultimate triumph the poetry it deserves, and hopefully the announce team will use it for inspiration. Regardless of the ineptitude of NXT’s voice, the women on the roster delivered a solid bout to round out a decent night of action.

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