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Lucha: Underground – July 22nd, 2015

The bravest, the boldest, the very best of lucha libre to be found anywhere on television. From The Temple in Boyle Heights comes Lucha:Underground!


Last week’s episode saw the champion Prince Puma in dire straights after an attack from Mil Muertes and Catrina’s Disciples of Death, which left manager Konnan laid out inside a coffin. Prince Puma is set to stand alone and for the first time address the believers. What will his message be? Also, the boss Dario Cueto unveils the fate that’s in store for the worthy competitors who have attained a sacred ancient Aztec medallion so far. With the Ultima Lucha mega-event just two weeks away, it’s time for the show.



  • In Dario Cueto’s office, the boss offers Big Ryck the final medallion. Ryck, of course, takes it – along with some cash.
  • Johnny Mundo vs Texano: Texano wins via disqualification when the Crew interfere. The Crew and Mundo beat down Texano until Alberto El Patron makes the save and cleans house.
  • In Dario’s office. Cueto informs Hernandez that Ultima Lucha will be spread out and will begin next week. He makes a match between Drago and Hernandez, a “Believers Backlash” contest, in which the ring will be surrounded with crowd members armed with leather straps.


  • The Mack vs Cage: Mack gets quick pin with sunset flip. Post-match, the two brawl through the Temple until Cueto breaks them up. He announces to the crowd that Ultima Lucha begins next week with Cage vs The Mack in a falls count anywhere match.
  • Dario Cueto in the ring: the boss explains that the Aztec medallions come together to complete the Gift of the Gods, a belt which guarantees its owner a title shot whenever they wish (with stipulations). The six medallion holders are called to the ring and give over their gold pieces for entry into 7-way match at Ultima Lucha for the Gift of the Gods. Fenix returns to claim his medallion, but Cueto calls a battle royal to decide who gets it.


  • Battle Royal for 7th Aztec Medallion: Ricky Mandel eliminated first, then Killshot, Vinny, Mascarita Sagrada eliminates Superfly and himself, Famous B tossed out followed by DelAvar Daivari to leave Fenix and Marty the Moth. It goes to a one-fall match, which Fenix wins when Martinez botches a tilt-a-whirl suplex. Fenix enters the Gift of the Gods match at Ultima.
  • Prince Puma in the ring. Mil Muertes and Catrina interrupt before the champion can utter a word. He challenges, but is attacked by the Disciples of Death. Puma takes out the Disciples, then fights with Muertes. Some acrobatic kicks put the challenger down, Puma hits the 630 splash and stands tall with the championship belt to close the show.



  • Johnny Mundo and Texano had the only singles match of the night, and although there was nothing personal or professional at stake, the two talented luchadores put on a great fight to warm up for Ultima. Mundo appears to be enjoying his new rudo persona, flipping off the crowd and hamming up the physical acting. Texano is effective in his no-nonsense, blunt and hard-hitting style, and is a perfect counter to Mundo’s flashes and dashes.

lucha-underground1 (1)

  • The Crew interfering was the right call, it keeps either performer from losing face. Patron made his presence known, which is key going into Ultima. To cap off the segment, it was nice a nod was given to the heated rivalry between Patron and Texano. That story has a sequel yet to be written for sure, but both are content to let it sleep for now.


  • The Mack and Cage have already shared some awesome moments in the ring together, punctuated with a stellar match which saw Mack upset. This week, it was a shame that the match ended so quickly, but with the aftermath setting up a falls count anywhere contest for Ultima Lucha, the fans left happy.

maxresdefault (1)

  • Cage suffering this second loss made him appear emotional and flawed instead of simply weak and incompetent, a distinction far more interesting. The Mack has already shown what he can do as far as mat wrestling and acrobatics, but he has yet to be tested in a no-holds-barred brawl. The edge appears to be severely lop-sided toward the muscle-man from the 5-5-9, but if Mack is anything he is surprising, and he may pull off another upset at Ultima.


  • Dario Cueto owned the show tonight. He was all over the place. With last minute matches being made for Ultima Lucha, the announcement of the event expanding and moving up a week, the entire affair of the Aztec medallions – there was a lot of exposition to get through. But, the boss attempted to get through all of it without getting too clunky.


  • He succeeded, for the most part. However, the explanation for Gift of the Gods seemed a bit convoluted and long-winded, and Cueto seemed to get a bit lost in his own speech once or twice. Despite that, he got the point across, and the introduction of a new contender’s belt ensures a multitude of possible future story-lines, swerves, twists and turns. The landscape of Lucha:Underground has just gotten that much more interesting.


  • The battle royal lacked any real drama, but it was an entertaining bit of exhibition for those who unfortunately couldn’t nab a spot on the Ultima Lucha card. That, and it marked the return of Fenix, who is as popular as ever with the believers.


  • His win was pretty much guaranteed, but whittling the playing field down to him and Marty the Moth added some intrigue, as Marty has shown his fierce intent on claiming Aztec gold. Although Fenix rightfully gained entry into the Gift of the Gods match, I wouldn’t be surprised if Martinez made his irritating presence felt during the match.

hqdefault (3)

  • Perhaps Puma will speak to the Temple one day, perhaps he may go his entire career having never said a word through that mask of his. Regardless, it is a testament to the quality of lucha libre’s caliber of physical talent and pantomime that in two weeks time the main event of the biggest event of the year will be fought by two men who waste no words. Muertes spoke with his very presence, not to mention his ever-present evil entourage, and the champ spoke with his lightning fast feet.


  • Puma looked like a true warrior, fearless and strong, unafraid of the darkness that threatens to destroy him – not to mention, his back-flip to crouch pose was as superhero as you could get. With Puma having the final laugh before Ultima Lucha, one has to expect (given the usual way of things) that he will fall at Ultima. The reign of Prince Puma has thus far been glorious, but it may be time for a new era to begin.

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