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NXT – June 10th, 2015

With the development brand gaining more exposure on main roster programming, NXT brings its unique form of fresh talent to the stage.


After weeks of build, Samoa Joe makes his NXT debut! Also on the show, Becky Lynch makes her first appearance since her blockbuster performance at TakeOver. Emma goes one on one with crowd favourite Blue Pants. Tyler Breeze butts heads with Bull Dempsey. Zack Ryder brings Mojo Rawley back to the show. Every one of these things and a few more!


  • Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley vs Elias Samson & Mike Wallace: Mojo gets the pin-fall for the victory.
  • Movie trailer for Finn Balor in Japan (coming soon).
  • Dana Brooke video package getting over her in-ring dominance while she’s not around.
  • Emma vs Blue Pants: Emma gets the submission victory with the Emma Lock.
  • backstage: Carmella, Enzo and Cass cut promo on Alexa, Blake and Murphy. Next week they will meet in six-person tag action.
  • Tyler Breeze vs Bull Dempsey: Breeze runs to the outside, Dempsey chases but gets winded doing so. Breeze rolls him into the ring and hits the Beauty Shot for the three-count.
  • Becky Lynch vs Jessie McKay: submission victory via Disgoostin Armbar for Lynch.
  • William Regal announces Kevin Owens will be on commentary for Samoa Joe’s match. Regal then tells Bull Dempsey he needs to get himself together.
  • backstage: Jason Jordan reveals he has found a new tag team partner, and it is not Gable, who continues to campaign for the spot.
  • Baron Corbin vs Angelo Dawkins: Corbin gets the pin after hitting End of Days.
  • Samoa Joe vs Scott Dawson: Joe gets the three after hitting a muscle buster. Post-match, Joe calls out Kevin Owens. William Regal comes out, makes a non-title match for next week between the two.



  • There’s no denying Zack Ryder’s fan connection. He has remained consistently over despite jobbing to other superstars for years. Now he’s lending some of his charm to help Mojo Rawley get off the block running. Rawley has the potential to be a crowd pleaser, and his following is already starting to build. However, a gimmick such as his is doomed to keep him dancing away for quarters in the lower mid-card. He may end up like Ryder himself: jobbing to the newest squash monster, always willing to boot up and do it again the next week with a smile on his face.


  • Blue Pants is crazy over, and even more so this week (the crowd’s cheers let any audience who didn’t already know that it was the plucky performer’s birthday). Emma dominated the short match, losing control only briefly as Blue Pants was able to land a few high kicks and stiff forearms. Emma has all the skills needed to move up in the company. What was keeping her back before was a cheese-ball gimmick that failed to catch on with the fans. Now with a new attitude, she is shedding that old persona – but what is her gimmick now? Is she an anti-Diva or a killjoy? Is she a bully or a bitch? In order to be effective she needs to focus on the NXT Divas Championship. Only by being a contender will she get the legitimacy which has thus far eluded her.


  • Tyler Breeze is most certainly turning face and receiving a push. Although his heelish behaviour has not changed, and he isn’t at the point where he plays to the crowd, the fashion in which he’s being booked screams babyface. He’s been around long enough for the people to respect his ability and accept his foibles, so face Breeze could definitely work. The way in which he beat Bull Dempsey deserves points for ingenuity and humour, though it was somewhat crude. Crude also was the follow-up segment where Dempsey’s obesity was pointed out in a comedic way. I hope they have a plan for Dempsey, because if they don’t then this is all just poking fun at a fat guy – and I don’t condone that.


  • Becky Lynch had a nice match with Jessie McKay, who took the fight right to the former #1 Contender and looked strong doing so. The two ex-SHIMMER competitors, much like Emma and Blue Pants, put on a show which was as good if not better than the main roster Divas Champion and her current contender, showing how focused NXT has become on developing female talent. After Lynch vs Banks, the NXT Universe is firmly behind the Lass Kicker, and I don’t think we’ll have to wait long before we see gold around her waist.


  • Baron Corbin won another squash match this week – but I’m not going to give out about it this time. There was actually some improvement this time around, but you really had to look for it. Corbin allowed Dawkins a couple of brief rallies, which although only elevates this match to a slightly-less-than-complete-and-total squash, it still breaks up the linear momentum and adds some dynamics into the flow which adds to the drama. This small departure from the A to B nature of a Corbin match can be built upon. The point is, there are signs of potential which are visible where they weren’t as visible before. Something else encouraging is Corbin’s crowd interaction. The people are booing him, that can’t be denied. They chant “You can’t wrestle” and “Boring” and “Corbin sucks”. While before the Lone Wolf would simply ignore such heat, he is beginning to soak it up, to smirk and acknowledge it, to work with it instead of against it. He needs to do this. If he can embrace the heat he’s getting and work with it, he may survive.


  • Scott Dawson came out aggressively, biting and feeding shots to the veteran of TNA and the indy scene. Joe absorbed the brief flurry and responded in kind with a fury of his own. The match was a short showcase of Joe’s power, quick hands, agile kicks, and domineering presence. The good news is that next week we get to see what should be an epic showdown between Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe. The bad news is that this week our main event match was a jobber squash. The lack of climax to the program made it seem incomplete and unsatisfying.


  • Kevin Owens on commentary is brilliant. The way he unnerves and derails any and all scripted banter from the announce team is masterful, yet effortless at the same time. He genuinely seems to be having fun sand-bagging the commentators, and they seem honestly lost for words, unsure how to continue. When you have big holes of silence in the commentary, you know these guys need more work on their improv.


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