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Lucha: Underground – June 10th, 2015

AAA, Mark Burnett, Robert Rodriguez and the El Rey Network brings the hottest show in sports entertainment to the screen every Wednesday with Lucha: Underground!


This week’s episode features the return of Drago following his loss to Prince Puma which meant banishment from the Temple. The infamous Chavo Guerrero also returns to the ring, having struck a deal with Dario Cueto for protection. Catrina brings her sinister magic to bear with her new stable of disciples. What will be the ramifications of Vampiro’s actions last week? What is the special announcement Dario Cueto has planned? Let’s find out.


  • Drago opens the show standing atop the roof of the Temple.
  • Vampiro interrupts Matt Striker’s introduction to apologize for his actions in the ring last week.
  • Dario Cueto in the ring: announces Ultima Lucha, a special upcoming event. To choose the contender in the main event match at said event, a match will be held tonight. He introduces the legend, Blue Demon Jr. and his impromptu opponent, Chavo Guerrero Jr.
  • No Holds Barred Match – Blue Demon Jr. vs Chavo Guerrero Jr. (with the Crew): triple team beat down on Demon, Crew holds him down while Guerrero hits frog splash for the win.
  • Drago enters the Temple through the back – the same way he left.
  • In the dungeon, Black Lotus is caged. Chavo and Lotus have a conversation through bars as we hear the heavy breathing of Dario Cueto’s brother nearby.
  • In the bathroom, Cueto is confronted by Drago, who demands a chance to fight. Cueto allows him to compete in the contenders match tonight, but if he loses he must surrender his mask as well as accept banishment.
  • Disciples of Death (with Catrina) vs Mascarita Sagrada, Pimpinela Escarlata & Bengala: DoD perform triple team crucifix powerbomb on Pimpinela for the victory after Catrina performs the Lick of Death.
  • Dario Cueto’s office: Johnny Mundo wants a shot at the LU Championship. The boss proposes next week, the entire show is an Iron Man Match between Mundo and Prince Puma for the title.
  • Four-Way Match for #1 Contender spot at Ultima Lucha – Cage vs King Cuerno vs Hernandez vs Drago: Drago spits green mist in Cuerno’s face, ties him up in pinning combination to land the victory. Puma faces off with him while holding belt.
  • Catrina strangles Dario Cueto in his office until he agrees to give Mil Muertes a shot at the title. In two weeks, Muertes will face Drago for a chance to meet the champion at Ultima Lucha.



  • Vampiro apologizing for his actions right off the hop was a classy move, it read realistically and believably. Just as believably and endearing was Matt Striker’s response, when he informed fans that Sexy Star would be out with injuries sustained for a couple weeks instead of a much longer time thanks to the actions of Vampiro. As Striker so eloquently put it, as professionals they must move forward, but on a personal level he extended his thanks. Great work, well executed by both announce personalities. I doubt this will prove to be the end of issues between Vampiro and Pentagon Jr, but it puts the matter to rest for the time being.


  • The announcement of the first big event for Lucha: Underground is exciting, and Dario Cueto did a great job as always of getting the crowd rabid for such an event, although it sounded like his throat was on its way out.
  • The introduction of living legend Blue Demon Jr followed by his subsequent mauling at the hands of The Crew and Chavo Guerrero was vintage Cueto: building a man up only to watch him get taken apart and broken down. While the motivation for such an attack may not have been initially apparent, Striker may have hit it when he called it a message from Chavo to Mexico. Obviously, the Crew is part of that protection Cueto promised Guerrero as payment for delivering Black Lotus. Could they make a run for the Trios Championships? Who else will be targeted by the spiteful turn-coat?


  • Drago’s return threatened to be going completely against story, but Cueto provided a loop-hole by stating that the contender for Prince Puma’s title will be decided among the champion’s past unsuccessful challengers. Drago being in that group, it obligates Cueto to concede. This may not be iron-clad, but the more attentive fans must appreciate this nod to consistency. I know I appreciate the effort, and I am glad to see Drago return.


  • The Disciples of Death made their debut against the resident crowd-pleasers, Mascarita and Pimpinela along with newcomer Bengala. An impressive array of elegant high-risk offense displayed by the striped, furry tecnico. His will be a welcome addition to the already colourful roster of luchadores. Pimpinela played to the crowd for the first part of the match, but things turned dark when the Disciples turned the tide with vicious violence. They show signs of being a force to reckon, and could very well pose problems for the Trios Champions down the line. A match with a more formidable challenge is in order first, however, before real credit is given.


  • The announcement of an entire episode dedicated to an iron man match between Johnny Mundo and Prince Puma is enough to make me mark out all over my computer screen! Can’t wait! Sorry, had to get that out of my system. I’m fine now.


  • The four way main event match lagged a bit in the early stages, probably due to confusion and miscommunication which can invariably occur with multiple participants. Both Drago and King Cuerno, the ones attributed with fast-paced styles, ironically appeared to be dragging their heels during certain spots. Hernandez played his arrogant bully part well, hitting some nice power moves but taking the time to be generous and sell for others. The real stand-out in this match, though, was Cage. The big man continues to surprise every time he competes with flips, trips to the top rope and a level of speed and agility one would not expect for a man his size. A chant for him event rose at one time during the match, making it possible that we see a tecnico turn for the powerhouse at some point down the line.


  • The real star and story of the match was the returning Drago, however, as fans in the Temple anxiously await the next meeting between he and Prince Puma – or whomever the champion will be.


  • Catrina’s level of power over Dario Cueto is unsettling. Cueto is normally the one pulling the strings, moving the players, making the moves. It is obvious that Mil Muertes is outside of Cueto’s influence, which makes him a major threat. Catrina revealed that she knows of Cueto’s brother and what he is, and her confidence that he was no match for Muertes obviously rattled the boss. Will Cueto remain in control, and will his plan to put the championship belt on Johnny Mundo come to fruition? Or will Muertes prove too much for anything the diabolical Dario can contrive?


Photos copyright El Rey Network.

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