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WWE NXT – June 3rd, 2015

The developmental talent at Full Sail University are eager to show the world what they are capable of, and their stage is the fast-expanding promotion NXT!


The buzz NXT Champion Kevin Owens created in defeating John Cena at the Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View courses under every moment of this week’s episode, as they are set for a rematch at Money in the Bank in less than two weeks time. In action, Rhyno sets his sights on the NXT Championship #1 Contender Finn Balor. Also: Alexa Bliss and Carmella; Tyler Breeze and Adam Rose; the Vaudevillains return to action; and more.


  • Tyler Breeze vs Adam Rose: Breeze hits the Beauty Shot out of nowhere to claim the win.
  • backstage: Solomon Crowe cuts promo, says “When I get back, I’ll be better than ever.”
  • Greg Hamilton introduces/interviews WWE Diva Eva Marie. Crowd boos her relentlessly, as she talks up female talent of NXT and expresses her hopes of competing.
  • William Regal announces WWE live event July 4th in Tokyo, Japan will include NXT Champion Kevin Owens defending against Finn Balor.
  • Carmella (with Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy) vs Alexa Bliss (with Blake and Murphy): Bliss gets a roll-up with a rope assist to score pin-fall.
  • backstage: Rhyno passes over discussing his loss to Baron Corbin, focuses on his match with Balor tonight.
  • Sami Zayn video package, chronicling his shoulder surgery.
  • The Vaudevillains vs Jason Jordan & Marcus Louis: Aiden English worked over before Gotch tagged in, rallies. Villains hit Whirling Dervish for victory.
  • Sasha Banks video package.
  • Rhyno vs Finn Balor: Balor misses Coup de Gras, Rhyno misses Gore, Balor schoolboys for pin-fall win. Rhyno hits Gore from hell atop the entrance ramp. Balor attended to as show closes.



  • The opening minutes of the opening contest sucked whatever life the crowd had when they entered. Adam Rose was devoid of preening, smiling, dancing or Rosebuds, and his serious manner invoked a “We want Kruger” chant early. Circling, circling, prolonged lock-ups, headlocks. The match suffered from a slow pace and a befuddled crowd. It seemed no one knew who to cheer and when. They wanted to cheer Rose, but he wasn’t doing anything to warrant any applause and was behaving quite severe and heelish. Conversely, Breeze was playing the match as a baby-face and many began cheering for him, but his heel persona prevented support from picking up any momentum. I’m not exactly sure what (if anything) got over in this match.


  • The Eva Marie interview segment was utterly painful to watch. I do not know if they were expecting a reaction as overwhelmingly and vocally negative as the one they received, but this will definitely inform the fashion in which the Total Diva is presented to the NXT audience. From videos and photos posted on social media, Eva Marie has apparently been training hard, working on her basic wrestling technique, so this may be a push for her to really begin a career of in-ring work. If that’s the case, she also needs work on her promos, which still sound stilted and unnatural.


  • The Divas match between Carmella and Bliss left much to be desired. Carmella’s entire offense consisted of punches, kicks, clotheslines and Thesz Presses, while Alexa Bliss’s gymnastics were too few and too infrequent to make the match interesting (it suffered from early, endless rest-holds). The cheap roll-up win, even though it puts over Bliss’s new heel nature, was an underwhelming end to an underwhelming match.


  • The Vaudevillains made their celebrated return to action against Jason Jordan’s most recent attempt to find a tag team partner that fits. This time, he selected the otherworldly Marcus Louis, who drooled, scowled and howled throughout the match but offered little in the way of offense. In fact, Jordan fell a tad flat as well, save a pair of suplexes. The match was nothing special or incredibly interesting and was over shortly after English made his “hot” tag to Gotch. The slight Jordan push was rendered moot by a lack of fanfare, though he carried on with character after the match had ended.


  • It is never explained why Rhyno is facing the #1 Contender for the NXT Championship instead of Baron Corbin – the man who defeated Rhyno at Unstoppable. Oh well. The match was without a terrible amount of electricity, with Balor hitting a couple of flashy high spots and Rhyno getting in some high-impact power spots. The more one watches Balor in NXT, the less one believes there is to watch. Like John Cena, you come to expect a certain type of match from Balor, and he seems to deviate begrudgingly from the format or from his “moves of doom”. It’s a shame, but after all the make-up and epic music and dramatic entrance, the Irishman simply isn’t a terribly exciting performer. That being said, he has all the skills necessary to put on a great match. A performer like Rhyno, unfortunately, suffers from a similar lack of move-set depth, and so much of the match felt plodding until Balor hit his Pele kick, his sling-shot clothesline and running dropkick to the corner. Winning by schoolboy invited another match in the program between these two, but Rhyno pushed things further by the attack on the entrance ramp. The hit was picture perfect – it looked devastating. No doubt Balor will seek revenge before setting his sights on Owens in Tokyo.

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