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Lucha: Underground – June 3rd, 2015

The Temple is hot and so is the action. Lucha libre invades the El Rey Network as Lucha: Underground brings the fury!


Tonight’s episode features the Trios Championship defended as the dysfunctional faction of Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Angelico meet the challenge brought by Delavar Daivari, Big Ryck and Cage. Also, Jack Evans attempts to avenge the honour lost in his debut match as he takes on Argenis. In the main event, Sexy Star and arch-rival Pentagon Jr square off in a deadly submissions match. All this and the drama behind the scenes. It’s time for lucha!


  • Chavo Guerrero conspires with Dario Cueto in the boss’s office. He betrays Black Lotus and swears loyalty to Cueto in exchange for protection in Mexico.
  • Jack Evans vs Argenis: a back-slide with added bridge secures Evans a pin-fall victory. Dario Cueto awards the winner one of his Aztec medallions.
  • In the locker room, Delavar Daivari brings news to Big Ryck they have a trios title match. The Mack offers to join their team, but Cage beats him up and Daivari takes him instead.
  • Chavo tries to cheap-shot Black Lotus but she’s too quick for him. She fends off an attack from Mr Cisco and Cortez Castro, but Chavo manages to knock her out and hand-cuff her.
  • Trios Championship Match – Delavar Daivari, Big Ryck & Cage vs Ivelisse, Son of Havoc & Angelico: Texano interferes, distracting Daivari. Angelico cleans house as Havoc hits shooting star press for the pin.
  • Chavo and the Crew deliver Black Lotus to Dario Cueto, who has a special place for her.
  • Submissions Match – Pentagon Jr vs Sexy Star: Superfly interferes, attacks Sexy Star. Star submits to an extended surfboard. Post-match, Pentagon attempts to break Star’s arm, but Vampiro makes the save.
  • In the back, Vampiro wrestles with dark thoughts, smashing the mirror with his forehead to close the show.



  • Jack Evans and Argenis gave a spirited match to open the show with a bang. Evans is a talent of many disciplines and it is a joy to watch him switch his offense from swift Muay Thai kicks to submission wrestling to high risk and back again. He is going to be a massive draw in the ranks under the Temple, and tonight he made up for an opening loss to established luchadore Aerostar. It seems he is taking credit for the modern incarnation of lucha, and what better way to prove his claim than by challenging and debunking every renowned tecnico in Mexico. Cueto put one of his medallions up for grabs at the outset for added interest, and time will tell what the acquisition of this mystical treasure will mean for the young star.


  • Cage showed a lot of initiative by inserting himself into the match, and he became a dominant personality in the ring. Big Ryck spent less time in the ring than Daivari, which seemed to go against character. Daivari, being the “golden child” he is, should have spent as little time in actual combat as possible, pushing Rick and Cage to do all the heavy lifting. Texano inserting himself into the match added business, and Ivelisse getting no payback for Daivari striking her down on the apron left a hole. The match itself was good, and enough story came across, but ultimately there was too much business going on to tell any part of it effectively. The champs continue their unlikely winning streak and Daivari’s greedy plans are once again foiled.


  • The saga of Cueto, Chavo and Black Lotus is getting very interesting. It is a shame that Chavo betrayed her for money, but who didn’t see that coming, really? We might be seeing Cueto’s monster brother unveiled sooner than we think, if indeed the plan is to keep her imprisoned in his evil presence. Will El Dragon make a rescue attempt? Or will Lotus prove to be more capable than Cueto or Guerrero think?


  • The submission match was a fine piece of work from two competitors who work very well together. Sexy Star and Pentago Jr have a long history and it shows when they are in the ring. Star, although teasing an extensive knowledge of submission holds, appeared quite the amateur when attempting any such moves. This much was pointed out by Matt Striker, who did an expert job of picking apart each submission with the precision of a surgeon’s scalpel.


  • Star dominated much of the action with aggressive and violent offense, but Pentagon’s merciless nature ensured he got in his fair share of punishment. Vampiro on commentary was audibly fighting an emotional response to a woman facing such violent peril, though for the most part he was able to keep it in check and call the match. Superfly, sporting new war paint to replace his relinquished mask, turned rudo on his friend for reasons of which we are as yet unaware.


  • Pentagon planted his already weakened foe with a package piledriver and finished her off with a surfboard submission, bringing an unsatisfying end to their rivalry. However, Pentagon’s attempt to break Star’s arm after the bell sounded proved to be more than Vampiro at ringside could stand, and the veteran commentator inserted himself on the tecnico’s behalf.


  • After a brief stare down, Vampiro appeared to talk himself out of a dark place and retreated to the back, where he continued to wrestle with the vengeful voices in his tortured mind. Will Pentagon Jr seek to antagonize the legend and seek revenge for robbing him of another sacrifice? Why did Superfly betray the one person who previously had come to his aid? Hopefully next week’s episode will reveal some answers – until then, I and we all will have to wait.


Photos copyright El Rey Network

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