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Lucha: Underground – May 27th, 2015

The sun sets over Boyle Heights and the hungry crowds gather inside The Temple for intense lucha libre action!


There is a heavy shadow over tonight’s episode, which features a double main event. First, Prince Puma defends his Lucha: Underground Championship against No. 1 Contender Hernandez, in the culmination of a bitter feud which was birthed out of a partnership of trust and friendship some months ago. Has Puma finally met his match, or will the brave lucha warrior overcome the odds yet again? Also, Mil Muertes makes his much anticipated return to face arch-rival Fenix in a Death Match, a plot conceived by the evil muse Catrina and El Jeffe Dario Cueto. All this, Johnny Mundo, Sexy Star and more.


  • Black Lotus arrives at the Temple, but her entrance is halted by Chavo Guerrero, who convinces her to seek her revenge inside the ring. He assures her that the Guerrero family hates the Cuetos as much as she does.
  • Aerostar vs Johnny Mundo: Mundo uses aggressive new style to defeat Aerostar with a Northern Lights suplex throw and the End of the World.
  • Vampiro interviews Sexy Star: About Pentagon Jr, Star says he is a bully and she is not afraid, and that next week the feud will end.
  • Lucha Underground Championship Match – Hernandez vs Prince Puma (c): 540 splash hits and Puma gets the pin after hard fought match.
  • Death Match – Fenix vs Mil Muertes: action is brought to the balcony. Muertes powerbombs Fenix through balcony, finishes him off with Flatliner inside the ring.
  • Dario Cueto orders the Crew to sacrifice one member to his monster brother. Mr Cisco and Cortez Castro sacrifice Bale, who appears to get his head ripped off.



  • Black Lotus has finally returned, along with Chavo Guerrero! And not a moment too soon. With Johnny Mundo turning rudo, Drago gone, Superfly de-masked and disappeared, Big Ryck selling out and now the fall of Fenix (spoiler!), the Temple needs heroes to fight Cueto’s evil forces. No doubt these two will attempt to challenge the source of darkness at once, but will most likely have to get through the likes of Cage, King Cuerno, and Mil Muertes first. Can these two get along? Did Black Lotus leave her training too soon? Will we see El Dragon enter the Temple before too long?


  • Aerostar is a perfect opponent with whom Johnny Mundo can attempt to establish his new rudo turn. The lucha libre veteran is very over with the crowd, and a top competitor as well. Mundo preened to an exasperating degree even for him, which drew heat, but it was his new fighting style that got the most attention. Abandoning the high-flying parkour moves which brought him to the dance, he exhibited a rich array of take-downs, judo holds, throws, suplexes and “ground and pound” techniques employed primarily in mixed martial arts competition. The fact that Mundo appears so comfortable and competent employing such moves tells me this is a side of his abilities he has been eager to show off for some time. His new attitude change gives him the window he has been waiting for. Perhaps age and the accumulation of injuries is forcing him to abandon a more high-risk move set as well, but that is pure speculation on my part. One thing is clear, Mundo is now arguably the most multi-faceted and adaptable talent on the Lucha: Underground roster.


  • Sexy Star tried to catch Vampiro being a sexist pig but to his credit the man didn’t flinch; he comes off as a bit of a prick at times but ultimately supports female talent. Star and Pentagon Jr have still not settled their feud, and one wonders what a blow-off like this calls for – certainly some special stipulation, but none has been indicated yet. Something pertaining to punishment, submissions, arm-breaking, no doubt. Star teased an extensive knowledge of submissions that she has yet to unleash. Perhaps a submissions only match? That would be interesting, because Pentagon is bound by “zero fear” and a loyalty to serve his dark gods, and Sexy Star is the hero for the people, both are likely to sacrifice life and limb before giving up.


  • The Championship Match lived up to the hype built up over the past few weeks. Puma showed guts and aggression in the early stages, even mocking Hernandez’s cocky strut, making it clear that offense has been taken and this feud is personal. In a moment of opportunism, Puma used a referee distraction from Konnan to belt a charging Hernandez in the head with a steel chair, which seemed unprovoked and quite rudo. Vampiro, an open Konnan detractor, opines that Puma does not need the vet at his side and that he brings out the worst in him. This is an angle which may become more focal later on.


  • The contest was back and forth, with Hernandez showing a great deal of toughness and fortitude in withstanding the aerial attacks and swift kicks from the champ. Similarly, the Prince proved why he remains the deserving Temple Champion, taking every powerbomb, powerslam, torture rack and Razor’s Edge that his formidable challenger could dish out and staying in the fight. In the end, Puma successfully executed his finisher for the win. This was a decisive and clean finish to a hard fought match, and once again Puma stands tall. The path of Hernandez from here on is unclear, but he definitely proved he has what it takes to hang in there with a skilled technician for a long bout and hold his own. Perhaps a role as veteran leader of the Crew would give him a way to stay relevant and make waves in the ranks, all the while using the favour of Dario Cueto to serve his ends.


  • Fenix was hard-pressed to mount any type of offense in the contest. Muertes absolutely stone-walled early attempts at the tecnico’s aerial attacks, and dominated him with devastating power moves. As the action went on inside the ring, Catrina and the three skull-faced enmascarados stalked slowly around the Temple floor, adding an ominous air. Fenix battled bravely, but did not seem prepared for the heightened severity of Muertes’s aggression, eating repeated sick-looking chairshots to the skull. Muertes put every firefighter to shame by hoisting Fenix onto his shoulder and sprinting up the Temple steps to the balcony with ease. A powerbomb through the floor elicited a rightful “Holy shit” chant, as well as a chant of support for Mil Muertes (good or evil, the people just want to be entertained). The “souls” or “disciples” or whatever they are being called, collected up Fenix and transported him crucifix-style back to the ring so Muertes could deal the death blow, and after the match ended we saw the evil Lick of Death from Catrina.
  • The only element around this match that was not addressed and about which I am still curious: the medallion which came into Fenix’s possession which promised its owner god-like power. Was it stolen by Catrina and the disciples, or will it play a role in bringing Fenix back after the outcome of this match? It will, no doubt, be instrumental in toppling the overwhelming power of the newly resurrected rudo, because normal methods simply do not appear to be enough.


  • Dario Cueto’s brother is still safely hidden from scrutiny by shadows and camera angles, but his lethal capabilities are becoming apparent. Did he tear out Bale’s throat? Eat his face? Rip off his whole head? Suck out his eyes? We don’t know, but we will wonder. Regardless, the Crew is down a member and Cueto has made it clear that he doesn’t bluff. I really think inserting Hernandez in with Cisco and Castro could boost them up and give him a stable with which to raise hell. They could even snatch up the Trios Championships, fulfilling Cueto’s desire to control the title belts and also giving Hernandez an honour to tout around since he came up short with Puma. It’s an idea, at least.


Photos copyright El Rey Network

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