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Lucha: Underground – May 20th, 2015

From The Temple in Boyle Heights, California, comes the most insane action in pro wrestling today.


This week, the Trios Championships are up for grabs in a much anticipated rematch, as Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Angelico defend against The Crew in a ladders match. Also on the card, the Lucha: Underground Champion is in action against the new hopeful, Marty “The Moth” Martinez. Will “The Moth” fly into the night, or just bump himself into a light bulb for an hour? As well, will Texano finally reek his revenge on newcomer Delavar Daivari? And what will Johnny Mundo say about his actions against Alberto El Patron last week? Let’s do this.


  • Marty “The Moth” Martinez vs Prince Puma (c): Six-thirty Splash hits for the pin and the win. Hernandez comes out to posture briefly, Konnan challenges but not happening.
  • Vampiro interviews Johnny Mundo.
  • Dario Cueto’s office: the boss gives final encouragement to The Crew. Win tonight or be sacrificed.
  • Delavar Daivari vs Texano: Big Ryck interferes, helps Daivari beat down Texano.
  • Dario Cueto’s office: Catrina informs the boss that Mil Muertes is returning. Cueto makes a match, Muertes vs Fenix, for next week. Catrina wants a “death match.”
  • Black Lotus has left El Dragon Azteca to carry out her mission to kill Cueto’s brother. Azteca employs the services of Chavo Guerrero to watch her back.
  • Ladder Match for Trios Championship – The Crew vs Ivelisse, Son of Havoc & Angelico: similar suicide dive from top of office. Ivelisse hobbles up ladder to grab belts. Champs retain.



  • The television debut of Marty “The Moth”, and it was against the champion of LU no less. Martinez has loads of character and over-the-top dramatics. His gimmick is his gimmick. While Drago behaves as though he is actually a dragon, and Aerostar acts like he is a man traveling through space on a meteor (that’s his thing, right?) Martinez simply comes off as a guy who wants people to think he is a moth and does it by flapping his wings. He ends up looking like Koko B. Ware. It’s comedic, and he obviously has skills. He may be used as mid-card fodder, but he also has the potential to be a plucky underdog tecnico or a despised rudo, depending on whom he faces that night.


  • There was no movement in the plot between Puma and Hernandez, just some posturing to keep the heat going. No word yet on when they face off, but I suspect competing with NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable was a big reason why that match did not occur this week.


  • Johnny Mundo tells Vampiro that 1) he is the best, 2) he attacked El Patron to make a statement, 3) Patron is “overrated, overpaid and overconfident”, 4) he doesn’t care who Patron’s father was or where he comes from, and 5) he’s been here since day one, and it’s his world. Mundo seemed very comfortable speaking during this segment, he has really come a long way in his promos. Shooting from the hip may be a helpful factor in being natural, and it played well, especially a sideways comment about slapping around catering guys backstage (even though the actual incident involved a member of the public relations/social media department, but who knows how much they can actually air about it). Mundo comes off as a real rudo, yet his allegiance to Lucha: Underground as a brand may keep many on his side. We shall see.


  • Daivari is not especially entertaining in the ring, at least he didn’t dazzle in this contest. A more typical catch style of wrestling, he employed a punch and kick offense and slapped on a rest hold, and began to lose the crowd. However, his “wealthy man” gimmick is taking shape and taking off, as it suddenly becomes clear what money Ryck was counting in the locker room last week before getting prodded by The Mack.


  • Using his influence to buy “victories” – even if they are only symbolic – is an interesting angle. Could this possibly lead to a Ted Dibiase/Virgil swerve program? Big Ryck is not a guy you want to misuse or abuse, but Daivari seems just arrogant and spoiled enough to go there.


  • After weeks and weeks of being held against her will and trained without mercy, Black Lotus takes her leave from the masked master to fulfill her mission. Interesting to bring Chavo back into the mix. Last time we saw him, he was being put down by Mil Muertes. Will he and Lotus get into a series of adventures on their way back to The Temple? Will Guerrero uphold the family motto and pull a double-cross on Azteca, or will he end up joining Lotus in her quest?


  • The entire show was built around this ladder match, and this ladder match was really built around a few choice spots. The entire episode felt a tad lackluster to me, and I believe that was no accident. Their direct rivals for audience was the newest big event from NXT, and the hype created by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in the past weeks has been huge. That being said, the ladder match contained a couple of the craziest high spots of the entire week, and that includes the Payback Pay-Per-View last Sunday. Angelico repeated his death-defying dive from the top of the office, yet this time he turned it into a dropkick which he expertly used to sniper Bale from where he stood on the ladder. Absolutely brilliant. The entire night was worth just that one spot.


  • Angelico really carried this match, with Son of Havoc landing some very crisp combo moves on multiple opponents. Ivelisse again sat this one out, receiving the odd bit of punishment, only to come up at the end and bravely struggle through her injury to help her team reach the end-zone. The dysfunctional faction chalks up another win, as we ask our final poser of the night: what will become of The Crew now that they’ve failed the boss?

Photos courtesy of El Rey Network

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