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WWE NXT – May 13th, 2015

The main roster hopefuls are gearing up for the next big show, TakeOver: Unstoppable, with their go-home episode from Full Sail University.


The main event sees a face to face confrontation between NXT Champion Kevin Owens and challenger/former champion Sami Zayn. Also on the card, a big tag match to set up the number one contender triple threat match next week. Sasha Banks schools a jobber, Alexis Bliss and Carmella go tooth and painted nail, and Baron Corbin rolls over Crowe and into Rhyno.


  • Show opens with recap of Sami Zayn vs John Cena from Monday Night Raw.
  • Solomon Crowe vs Baron Corbin: Crowe launches into Corbin but is caught in End of Days. Baron wins by pin, then Rhyno comes down and the two brawl.
  • Sit-down interview spots from Tyler Breeze, Finn Balor and Hideo Itami, respectively.
  • Sasha Banks (c) vs Jobber: Jobber gets some shots in before Banks regroups and cinches in Bank Statement submission for the victory.
  • Carmella vs Alexa Bliss: Blake and Murphy distract Carmella, Bliss wins with the Sparkle Splash. Carmella tells off tag champs post-match.
  • Adam Rose & Tyler Breeze vs Hideo Itami & Finn Balor: faces squabble, Breeze pins Itami with a small package. After the match, Breeze puts down both his contender opponents and his partner as well to stand tall.
  • Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens in the ring: Zayn wants to know “Why?” Owens simply walks away, but before he does he alludes to Zayn being “hurt.”



  • Solomon Crowe is proving to be a great addition to the development, which begs the mind to wonder why he was fed to Baron Corbin this week. Now granted, he brought the fight to the big man and was able to mount a decent offense before getting caught in End of Days, but surely someone else could have done the job. I suppose in the go-gome show before a big event, any exposure is good exposure. Crowe will be all right. Corbin, on the other hand, I am now convinced cannot wrestle. If he can, he is doing a great job not showing it.


  • I am anxious, after their heated altercation which saw surprising spryness erupt from the youngster, to see the coming fight between he and Rhyno. It will be a classic fire and ice showdown, pitting the blank stoic stare of Corbin and the snarling fury of Rhyno. I expect a disappointing match – but I hope to be proved wrong next Wednesday.


  • The name of Banks’ opponent was KC Cassidy, but you wouldn’t know that from watching the show. NXT has gotten into the habit of giving us jobbers not only with an absence of entrance music, but also an absence of name graphics, stats, proper introductions, or even honourable mention from the announce team. The crowd sure knew KC’s name, though, and were firmly into this match. Banks is very over for a heel, and is a very skilled and worthy champion. She made Cassidy look good before showing the world definitively why she herself wears the gold – the way a proper champ should. No run-in or interference from Becky Lynch, which is surprising on the last show before Unstoppable.


  • I thought we might see Blake and Murphy making a show of their affections shifting from Carmella to Alexa Bliss, as was slightly hinted in a backstage segment weeks ago, but not so. Instead, they continued to show interest in Carmella which evoked a hilarious “No means no” chant from the crowd. Bliss has a great look, and is very ambitious in the ring – a bit too ambitious. There were a couple of spots she performed, including her top rope Sparkle Splash, which were a bit sloppy. It could be the two performers lack chemistry or experience with one another, so part of the blame belongs on Carmella. Either way, it was a solid match and a nice bit of post-match trash talk.


  • Balor took the majority of the punishment throughout the match, giving the hot tag and ensuing running wild spots to Itami. To push the dissension angle on the two baby-faces seems a bit redundant at this point, considering these two have fought epic battles against one another more than once for the chance to win NXT gold. One wonders what reason William Regal would have for booking a match such as this, if not simply for mischievous glee.


  • Adam Rose showed a great deal of technical acumen in this match, really quite impressive use of fundamentals mixed with ingenuity that made him appear every bit the veteran he is. He and Breeze worked very well as a team, and one might have almost forseen an alliance forming between them, but for the Shawn Michaels double-cross after the match’s end. Making Breeze look strong here was a good move – lord knows they can’t really push Balor or Itami any harder, faster, or stronger than they already have.


  • Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens will always have a complex feud built on layers upon layers of convincing human drama. Zayn took the lead in this segment in his usual, passionate manner, while Owens assumed his trademark detached audacity. The comment about Owens’ son got Zayn some heat from the crowd, and came off as rather heelish, although his character never forced the change. It was a subtle hint of what may come: a reversal of roles.


  • Owens displayed shades of a side hitherto unseen, as well. When he finally addressed Zayn, Owens faced away as thought the words were difficult to say. He spoke of Zayn being “hurt”, of getting hurt more severely than he let on, and that Owens was the one who did it to him. He resolved to finish the job in their next contest, but he said it with no bravado – in fact, he said it with remorse. These two have proven their ability to tell a good story, and the next and possibly final epic chapter will be written at TakeOver: Unstoppable. I, for one, cannot wait.

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