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Lucha: Underground – May 13th, 2015

Mystery, excitement and drama galore from the Temple in Boyle Heights as lucha libre lights up the screen once again on Wednesday night!


Dario Cueto unveils new dastardly magic to his roster to quarrel over. A new luchadore debuts. A match to decide the number one contender to Prince Puma’s Championship between Hernandez and Alberto El Patron takes the main event stage. Will AAA provide the fans with the highest spots and most furious action on television yet again? All signs point to most definitely.


  • Dario Cueto reveals to his “brother” his newly acquired medallions which grant the possessor the power of the gods. He decides to award them as prizes to his luchadores.
  • Aerostar vs Jack Evans: Aerostar wins after landing a top rope flipping piledriver.
  • Locker room: Mack shows interest in his cousin Big Ryck’s wad of cash, but Ryck shows him nothing but attitude.
  • Seven Luchadore Contest for Cueto’s Ancient Medallion – Fenix vs King Cuerno vs Cage vs The Mack vs Killshot vs Sexy Star vs Pentagon Jr.: multiple spots and broken pins, chaos and tandem moves. Fenix finally lands a reverse hurracanrana followed by a standing moonsault for the pin-fall victory.
  • Dario Cueto’s office: Son of Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico are told they will defend their Trios Championships against The Crew next week in a ladder match.
  • Locker room: Katrina approaches Fenix, reveals her deceitful plan. She warns him death is coming for him, and disappears. A trio of masked luchadores leap down onto Fenix from nowhere.
  • No Disqualification Number One Contender Match – Hernandez vs Alberto El Patron: Johnny Mundo interferes, attacks Patron with a DDT on the concrete. Mundo throws Patron through Cueto’s office window, then throws him back into the ring bloody. Hernandez takes the easy pin for the victory to close the show.


  • The introductory segment with Dario “conversing” with his as yet unseen monster of a brother served to set up these “Ancient Medallions.” The fact that there are seven of them means Cueto now has a host of unique opportunities at his disposal with which to tempt and test his hungry luchadores. He throws out an interesting comment at the segment’s end, saying that he who possesses all seven medallions will gain “the power of the gods,” and might – as Cueto puts it to his kin – even “be as strong as you.” This sets up an interesting clash of the supernatural titans, which may or may not see fruition in the future.


  • Jack Evans makes his debut in The Temple and does not disappoint. Brash, brazen, outspoken and full of flare and fancy moves, Evans is the first openly advertised student of the Hart Dungeon school of wrestling to join the Lucha: Underground ranks. His style ranges from hard-nosed ground grappling and chain wrestling fundamentals to gravity-defying acrobatics, and is reminiscent of a young Chris Jericho (fifty pounds lighter, of course).


  • Putting him in the ring with a lucha libre veteran such as Aerostar was a statement of his skill and a treat for the audience watching. These two put on a show with a capital ‘S’. Aerostar remains one of the most exciting stars on the Lucha: Underground roster and that is saying something. All I have to say about the finish is: 1) Top rope flipping piledriver, and 2) Holy shit. Five star effort from both these boys.


  • The seven luchadore match seemed a bit like too much bacon for the pan to handle at first, but amazingly these expert performers created a spectacle that was well-paced, timed to perfection, and never too dull or too congested and confusing. Every participant took their chance to shine and show their determination and grit. Alliances – such Cage and Cuerno, Mack and Killshot – were given their moments to hold fast, and their moments to come apart. Fenix deserved his prize tonight, with very close second-places perhaps going to King Cuerno and Pentagon Jr.


  • Katrina unveiling her trickery to Fenix is an omen of bad things to come. What this segment’s meaning – especially the ending – in the grand scheme of things is yet unknown. Will these three minions of the underworld hold Fenix hostage? Or will they merely torment him as long as he walks with the medallion? Did they steal the medallion from him to give to Katrina? Why did Katrina have to steal Fenix’s ability to rise from the dead if Mil Muertes already means ‘the thousand deaths’ and implies he could already do that? I am so confused, and I love it.


  • The Trios Champions continue to show extreme bravery and (perhaps) foolish pride, agreeing to a ladder match with The Crew despite Ivelisse still suffering from a broken leg. If they pull off a victory next week, The Crew will not only look utterly pitiful in defeat, they might even be fed to Cueto’s mutant brother. Could we see the titles change hands soon? O is it feeding time for Hugo?


  • The main event match was short but effective. The contest served the greater purposes involved, namely Hernandez and his pursuit of Prince Puma, and the once polite and professional but now bitterly heated rivalry between Johnny Mundo and Alberto El Patron. Mundo obviously is staking his claim on Lucha: Underground, and sees El Patron as a major threat to him and his “empire.” Cueto was brilliant in his reaction to the window stunt, fixing himself a drink while smiling bemusedly to himself. He did not appear to share any looks with Mundo which would indicate his involvement. This seemed to come from Mundo himself. That didn’t stop Cueto from relishing the new aggressive side of the parkour specialist. This new “Mundo rudo” will be fascinating to watch, as will the eventual comeback of the current AAA Heavyweight Champion.


Photos copyright El Rey Network

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