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WWE NXT – April 22nd, 2015

From Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida, WWE brings its developmental brand to television, offering a glorious glimpse into the future of the fed.


The main event tonight is the rematch between “Rage” Alex Riley and the current NXT Champion Kevin Owens. In addition, the Divas compete in a triple threat to determine the number one contender for Sasha Banks’ title.


  • Finn Balor vs Tye Dillinger: Balor wins with the Coup de Gras.
  • Tyler Breeze calls out Balor from backstage.
  • Kevin Owens interview backstage.
  • Triple Threat #1 Contender Match – Bayley vs Becky Lynch vs Charlotte: Figure Eight leglock applied on Bayley by Charlotte, Lynch covers Bayley to steal the pin.
  • CJ Parker vs Hideo Itami: Itami wins with running kick.
  • Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch confront each other in the locker room.
  • Rhyno vs Jobber: Rhyno wins with the Gore.
  • Carmella is serenaded by Blake and Murphy, then bickers with Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy about her gifts.
  • Alex Riley vs Kevin Owens: Owens wins with Pop-up Power-bomb, beats down Riley after bell. Sami Zayn steps in and dog-piles from top rope after brawl.



  • The opening match is usually booked to wake up the crowd and get them excited. WWE decided that Balor’s mere presence would be enough, because the match was flat. Finn Balor looks impressive by jobbing out Dillinger, but why job him out anyway? The crowd was dead during this match for good reason, and it seemed to serve no other purpose than introduce a program between Balor and Tyler Breeze.
  • Kevin Owens on the mic is quite something: he speaks into his chest, chews gum, mumbles his words, avoids eye contact, and generally acts uninterested in anybody asking him questions. He’s like a Marlon Brando, bringing a new level of realism and subtlety to professional wrestling. However, he treads a fine line between being edgy, and being uninteresting.


  • The triple threat was the match of the night. Another stellar showing from the development Divas. Lynch was over going into the match as much if not more than Bayley, and Charlotte played the Natalya role of the technically dominant veteran trying desperately to regain her glory. The momentum swung between the three performers and featured some great spots. The high-light of the match came when Charlotte executed an electric chair on Lynch while Bayley assisted with a top rope elbow. The spot at the close, which was a re-vamp of the spot that brought Curtis Axel his Intercontinental Championship, is debatable. There are some who argue that because Bayley’s shoulders were on the mat as a result of Charlotte’s submission hold, the pinfall belongs to Charlotte regardless of who’s covering. Regardless if it’s one hundred percent loyal to “Hoyle’s Guide to Wrestling”, it was great booking. Lynch gets her shot that many – including me – have been waiting for, Charlotte gets over as robbed of a rightful victory, and it took two wrestlers to pin Bayley which saves her face as well. Great booking, top notch action, good job all around. Wish it was the main event.


  • CJ Parker offered a bit of offense against Itami and made for a more exciting opponent, and in retrospect this match would have made the better opener, as the crowd is super high on Hideo. Essentially another squash that serves to put over Itami, who seems to be without a program.
  • Banks and Lynch have the potential to put on a great program if the chemistry they share in talking trash is any indication.
  • Rhyno doesn’t need a squash match every week. He’s not in a program, he’s not a hungry new talent trying to establish himself. The Gore is over with the crowd and so is he, but he could possibly be better used in some other capacity.


  • Kevin Owens is a brilliant ring psychologist, but with an established talent the caliber of Alex Riley the biggest challenge is making Owens dominating the match believable. Smaller in size, less athletic and not showing nearly as much ring presence as Riley, Owens relies on his brutal, brawling style. It works, for the most part, but Riley’s ability to job is the real star of their matches. The match was a bit flat for a main event, but the brawl with Zayn afterwards redeemed any damage done.

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