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Lucha: Underground – April 22nd, 2015

From Boyle Heights, California, in a place named The Temple, comes the latest offering of exciting AAA lucha action and drama.


Tonight, the Trios Tournament takes center stage. The inaugural winners of Dario Cueto’s Trios Championship Belts will be awarded to the team that can prove their superiority between the ropes and in the hearts of the crowd. Before then, however, a heated feud comes to a head at last.


  • Sexy Star vs Pentagon Jr: after nearly getting pinned twice, Star hits a surprise suspended back-stabber for the three-count.
  • Alberto El Patron and Johnny Mundo share “friendly” words backstage.
  • Trios Triple Threat Elimination Match – King Cuerno, Texano & Cage vs Son of Havoc, Ivelisse & Angelico vs Big Ryck, Killshot & The Mack: Texano gets beaten down by unnamed assailant in the audience, Killshot hits double stomp from top rope and gets the pin and first elimination. Angelico hits Fall of Angels on Killshot for the pin and the win. Dario Cueto informs the winners they must now fight The Crew in a no DQ match.


  • No DQ Trios Championship Match – The Crew vs Son of Havoc, Ivelisse & Angelico: Angelico and Son of Havoc hit duel top rope spots to score simultaneous pins on members of The Crew to win the match and the championships.


  • Pentagon Jr was still quite over with the crowd, even after his unnervingly dastardly attack on Melissa last week. The ring personality was even featured at ringside, selling an ankle injury and looking distressed, just to get home Pentagon’s evil. Despite all the work, the crowd was still split. Star fought valiantly and controlled a good portion of the match, but Pentagon would not stay down. Star was booked really strong, kicking out of two consecutive power-bomb back-stabbers and getting the victory with a comeback out of nowhere. The feud appears far from over, as Pentagon seems bent on breaking Star’s arm.


  • Patron has been teasing a meeting with Mundo since joining Underground, and it appears they are building towards that match.
  • Great triple threat trios match, full of spots and good storytelling. I was disappointed that Ivelisse was impaired with an injury and had limited involvement in the match, and I would have liked to see more spots from Havoc as well. However, the star of the night was Angelico, a man who until now I have taken for granted. Like Havoc, Angelico truly has the makings of a great competitor and a great entertainer. He ate the majority of punishment and logged the most ring-time of anyone, building incredible sympathy. The Mack’s abilities have been showcased in recent weeks, but tonight the focus was shifted to Kill Shot, who has an impressive and surprising move set in his own right. Dario Cueto’s betrayal after a hard fought victory was perfect.


  • The Crew’s brutal beat down of all three tecnicos in the ring, on the floor and through the crowd was extensive and built epic sympathy. By the time the heroes and heroin fought back, the electricity in the audience was palpable. Son of Havoc hit a barricade moonsault and Angelico performed a daredevil-esque dive from atop Cueto’s office roof. The crowd was ballistic. The story of the night, along from Angelico heroics, was Havoc coming to his ex-girlfriend Ivelisse’s aid not once but twice, perhaps working to mend the rift between the two. These three were so over as underdogs and unlikely heroes, the dysfunctional team who ended up coming out on top. Great angle, and the crowd loved it. A very entertaining night of television.


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