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TNA Friday Night Impact – April 17th, 2015

Impact Wrestling presents Tag Team Gold! The recently vacated championships are set to be awarded to one of eight teams, some formed as recently as last week in a frenzy to capture the prized belts.


The eight teams would participate in four qualifying matches, the winners of which would meet in a main event Ultimate X contest to crown the undisputed victors. Aside from Tag Team Gold, the ongoing drama between TNA World Champion Kurt Angle and number one contender Eric Young escalates.


  • James Storm & Khoya vs The Hardys: first of four qualifying tag matches. Miscommunication leads to Storm kicking Khoya in the face. Khoya victim to Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb, Hardys win.
  • Eric Young calls out Kurt Angle. Angle grants championship match next week, questions which Eric Young – “new” or “old” – will participate.


  • Kenny King & Low Ki vs Mr Anderson & Rockstar Spud: BDC keeps Spud isolated until hot tag is hit to Anderson. Ref distraction leads to Spud hit with top rope double stomp, King gets pin.
  • Backstage, MVP gives Homicide assignment to fight Kurt Angle.
  • Jay Rios & Tigre Uno vs Ethan Carter III (with Tyrus) & Bram: Rios hit with Carter’s arm brace, Bram hits Brighter Side of Suffering, Carter tags in to steal pin.
  • KnockOuts segment in the ring. KnockOut showcase announced for next week, featuring championship match Taryn Terrell vs Awesome Kong, four-way number one contender’s match, plus two new KnockOuts debut. Wrestlers give out to each other, Kong comes down, everyone brawls with everyone, Terrell stands tall at the end with title belt.
  • The BroMans vs The Dirty Heels: dissension allows Rood to hit spinebuster on Jessie followed by a 450 splash from top. Heels win as BroMans blow up.


  • Homicide attacks Angle backstage, the two brawl to the ring where BDC eventually joins and beats down champion. The Rising clears the ring, leaving MVP with Angle. Eric Young prevents MVP from attacking Angle, Young contemplates hitting Angle with chair, decides against it.
  • Ultimate X Tag Team Championship Match – Hardys vs BDC vs EC3 (with Tyrus) & Bram vs The Dirty Heels: lots of action, spots, tandem moves and ring clearing. Ladder brought into play. Hardys end up capturing the gold.


  • Josh Matthews alone in the announce booth tonight. Program does not suffer because of it.
  • Hardys clear winners of first bout with momentum and cohesiveness on their side. The story of the match was dissension in Revolution, as Storm continues his abuse and humiliation of Khoya. How long until this blows up? Khoya appears angry, but at himself rather than Storm.
  • Young on his own suffers from repeating himself in promos. Angle pushing intriguing angle of an obsessed Young who has lost himself, and the desire to bring back the old competitor. The spot when Angle dared Young to cheap shot him landed weak if it was alone, but it worked to set up later spot.
  • BDC play effective bullies against Spud – they are tailor made for the role, and Anderson gets over as protector and champion of the underdog. Some nice spots hit during face rally. Spud hitting Underdog and appearing to have the win at hand if not for ref distraction built massive sympathy and cred for the Division X , and BDC remains the dastardly – but clever and effective – alliance.


  • Bram and EC3 played reluctant partners well enough, with Bram’s single-minded goal of destruction and pain falling a bit short. For someone who comes off like a loose cannon, his style is a bit too “by the book” then it should be, perhaps. EC3 got over as greedy for victory and glory, with Tyrus preventing Bram’s temper from boiling over. The luchadores enmascarados seemed to be pulling back their delivery a bit, which made the action fall a touch flat.
  • The KnockOut segment was balanced. All the competitors got their chance to shine on the mic, and Kong was built up without being made to look absolutely unstoppable, and Terrell stood strong to close out the segment. Next week’s match may see Kong capture the gold, due to Terrell’s strength shown, or we could see interference from the new talent trying to make an impact.


  • The story of dissension between BroMans was further pushed by The Dirty Heels, who earned their moniker by playing mind games backstage before the bout. Austin Aries and Bobby Roode are the modern incarnations of Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard; they work incredibly well in tandem with one another, are technically gifted, and possess an acumen for psychology. They were impressive despite The BroMans essentially defeating themselves in the match. Is the bromance finally over? Or will they drag out their dissension program any further?
  • The Homicide assault on Angle was robbed of some heat by Angle’s refusal to sell effectively. It took the addition of the entire BDC before Angle would stay down. The Rising coming to the rescue seemed late, but at least they showed up (briefly). The real story here was Eric Young taking the high road and wanting to fight Angle fair and square instead of taking the cheap shots when available. In that respect, this segment worked.


  • The Ultimate X match was exciting and full of cool spots between the performers, and only suffered slightly from too much talent saturation. My favourite highlight was Tyrus shaking the X structure, causing wrestlers to fall and scatter – made the man look like a beast. The match suffered from a lack of time, as it easily could have gone another five minutes. The Dirty Heels came off as the strongest team in the match, and Hardys winning seemed to come out of nowhere and to less fanfare than it deserved. Even so, the Hardys finally achieving tag team gold is the feel good ending and it made the fans happy.

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