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ECCW Better Than You – April 18th, 2015

From the Russian Cultural Center in Kitsilano, Vancouver comes the latest live event from Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling.


The night’s card was stacked with belts, as both the Canadian and ECCW Championships were on the line in a Double Jeopardy match, whereby the winner of a first fall would secure the Canadian title and the winner of a second would win the big prize. In addition, the Women’s Championship would also be contested.


  • Harv Sihra vs Billy Suede: after a competitive, even bout, Sihra gets the pin with a surprise small package off a body-slam attempt.
  • Andy Bird vs Mister Smyth: members of the House of Hell interferes, causes DQ. Ravenous Randy Myers interjects, impromptu tag match is made.
  • Myers hooks both members of HOH in a DDT/neckbreaker combo, assisted home by a top rope double stomp from Bird. Faces get the three.
  • Ethan HD vs Daniel Adonis: shooting star press lands Adonis the pin-fall.
  • Van City Street Fight – Rocket Randy Tyler & the Ladies Choice vs Yukon King & Kenny Lush: ref is knocked out during shmoz, Yukon hit with fire extinguisher and heels get the laboured pin.
  • Women’s Championship – Cat Power(c) vs Jaida: Cat wins by submission with clover leaf after outside interference.


  • Double Jeopardy match – Bishop vs Mike Santiago vs Artemis Spencer (c) vs Nicole Matthews (c): Spencer wins first fall, Nicole wins second. Both champions retain their titles.
  • Last Man Standing – Alex Plexis vs Tony Baroni:Baroni performs double stomp from the top rope on to Plexis through a table, gets the ten count to win.


  • The opening contest was a perfect way to get the show rolling; it was fast-paced and crisp, with both men jockeying for the upper-hand. The crowd was split, with Sihra perhaps getting over a touch more with his charisma. The small package finish safely got over both performers, as did the show of mutual respect after the bell. I look forward to future encounters between these two.
  • Possibly the most polarized match on the card, between super-babyface Andy Bird and the dark and foreboding House of Hell. Bird is a pro at bringing the crowd into the match and works his personal connection and high-flying style to get big pops. The disqualification finish seemed a disappointment at first, but the tag match with Lak Siddhartha and Randy Myers saved it.
  • The tag match itself was full of great spots. Like Bird, Myers possesses a genuine connection with the audience, as well as being an accomplished worker in the ring. Siddhartha showed off his physical prowess as he and Smyth punished Bird for the majority of the match. The hot tag to Myers eventually hit, the faces ran wild before performing a beautiful tandem finishing spot to pick up the win. It was a crowd pleaser, and quite the enjoyable contest.
  • The crowd chanted “Welcome back!” and were firmly behind Adonis. The match itself suffered from a few blown spots, but showmanship kept enough heat alive. Adonis struggled to get a head of steam, rallying the crowd for support. The shooting star at the match’s close was wonderfully executed and was a perfect note on which to end.
  • The street fight, naturally, began with a shmoz to the outside where the combatants used everything from merchandise on sale in the lobby to concession food to a birthday cake on one another. I felt the cake spot came into play too soon and due to how many people saw it was a bit wasted, but overall the brawl was entertaining. The fire extinguisher was of the chemical variety, and didn’t land as well as hoped. Having the ref KO during a no-holds-barred match seemed like confused booking. Regardless, the match was a creative bit of fun, and the East Van Warriors continue to be very over with the people.
  • Jaida took the lion’s share of punishment in the match, putting over Power’s aggressive, physical style. The ending seemed a bit too abrupt, and with the crowd firmly behind Jaida, the challenger would have benefited more from a longer rally before the manager interference spot. Not much more than a glorified squash, Power appears the dominant champion, and once again called out Nicole Matthews. The ECCW champ answered, but the two were prevented from fighting by security.


  • Definitely the match of the night. With four great competitors, the action was persistent and innovative. Although things began as one might expect with a clear division of faces taking out the heels, I appreciated the lack of hesitation that both Spencer and Matthews showed in turning their aggression on one another. Bishop ate a lot of the more dramatic spots, like Spencer’s dangerous-looking backstabber power-bomb. It is difficult to tell who was over more between the two face champions, and one wondered if this was going to become a giant double-win for Spencer. In the end, both champions retained their titles for a feel-good ending.


  • The main event saw two consistent workers in a lengthy battle which was well built and wonderfully sold. Plexis is a consummate pro, and focused on Baroni’s knee for the majority of the contest, punishing with chair shots and submissions. Being a technical wrestler may often be a handicap in a last man standing contest, but ring psychology says that if a man’s leg is broken he can’t stand at all. Brilliant. Baroni was over with the crowd and is a gifted wrestler in his own right, invoking a chant of “Suplex city” with a quick succession of German suplexes. The match ended with a table spot that landed a bit awkwardly but was nonetheless effective. A good showing from both men involved.


Photographs courtesy of Mary Diaz

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