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Royal Rumble 2015 Official Predictions

maxresdefault-1412754545Everyone in the WWE Universe, from a pro to a Joe, is making their predictions for the first live event of the calender year. We here at The Daily Jobber are adding our voices to the masses.

20141215_LIGHT_Rumble_Match_HOME_Kickoff-600x337Pre-Show Kick Off Six-Man Elimination Tag Team Match:


This match is full of talented superstars who have been overlooked and under-used.

Kofi Kingston, the senior member of the group has won multiple tag team, USA and Intercontinental belts, but has used as nothing more than squash match fodder and battle royal highlights in recent years.

Big E. Langston showed a lot of promise when he debuted and had a nice, although short, run as IC Champion. Lack of crowd connection and distinct gimmick have hurt his rise in the company.

Xavier Woods, although debuting over a year ago, has done little to make any impact as a character or performer.

Tyson Kidd’s career has been up and down, but he is a very talented competitor and has been on an upswing since going back to NXT in 2014.

The newest arrival, Adam Rose, has had the most lack-luster debut of 2014. He has barely even competed in what can be called matches. The NXT sensation has been made into a joke.

Then there is the tragic tale of a man named Cesaro. Last year he was in the Elimination Chamber match with the elite talent of WWE, and in a flash he has been knocked down to the pre-show.

All of these men are capable of more, and although being thrown into a match like this is a bit of a bum deal, it is also an opportunity.

A New Day has yet to make a strong connection with fans since they came together. A strong showing as a unit, with some flashy tandem moves, is a good way to earn some fans. Just ask Cesaro. He succeeded in becoming popular with the fans despite being bland and gimmick-less, simply because he wowwed the people with his in-ring feats. He is accomplishing the same thing with Tyson Kidd now. They are getting attention and are becoming perennial contenders for the tag team championships based solely on their ring work. New Day can learn a lot from their example, and use this meeting as a way to capture the people’s attention.

The same could be said for Adam Rose, who seems like a lost and lonely child, desperate for attention, wandering in and out of alliances and feuds without reason or conclusion. He needs a real rivalry that will elevate him as a performer, someone who will challenge him. Any member of New Day is a candidate, as Rose has experience working with Woods and Langston in development. Kingston, the more experienced one, might be good to work with.

This being an elimination match, the possibilities abound for twists and interesting spots.

Official Predictions:

  • Tyson Kidd & Cesaro will win the match, having eliminated the members of New Day
  • Adam Rose with begin a feud with one member of New Day (probably Xavier Woods)

20141215_LIGHT_Rumble_Match_HOME_NAO_AscensionAttitude Era Legends vs. New Talent:


All I can say is, if Billy Gunn and Road Dogg come out on top, the bookers better have something really special up their sleeves for Konnor and Viktor.

These guys have been cut off at the knees since their entrance, which was nowhere near as dramatic as it should have been, considering their success in NXT. They deserve a better welcome to the big leagues, but if decimating semi-retired tag team champions is their first step towards legitimacy, so be it.

Official Prediction:

  • The Ascension wins after a decisively dominant performance.

20141215_LIGHT_Rumble_Match_NattyPaige_Bellas_HPThe Divas Champion and No. 1 Contenders in a Match NOT for the Divas Championship:


This is a match that belongs on the episodes of Raw or Smackdown in order to build up a title match at one of the big four. I can think the only motivation for putting a match like this on a big card event is to have something dramatic happen.

I don’t believe Brie will turn on Nikki. It’s too soon since the last time that happened. Besides, we know they’ll just forgive each other and go back to working together, so there’s no point.

There’s definitely going to be a feud between Paige and Natalya, they are already practically at each other’s throats. But with no title to dispute over, I think it’s too early for that blow up either.

One possibility is the insertion of another party in the mix, by way of run-in or outside interference. I’m not sure what AJ Lee’s plans are this weekend, but if she popped her head in things could get interesting.

Regardless, this has the potential to be a spot-filled, complex and compelling match – as long as the bookers don’t cut their time back to allow more time for the main event.

Official Predictions:

  • The Bella Twins win the match, probably because of a lack of communication or issue between Natalya and Paige.
  • The allotted time for this match will be shortened at the last minute.

0Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship:


This match is as difficult to call as the Royal Rumble match itself because of all the players and extra elements involved. It makes my head spin.

I have always maintained that it makes the most sense to have Brock Lesnar retain the title and keep it until WrestleMania 31. Partly the reason is because it is widely believed that he will leave WWE when his contract expires in April. It makes the most sense to have him put over a new champ at WM31 and leave on the highest note possible for his career.

HOWEVER… Having him enter ‘Mania as the champ kind of makes it a no-brainer as to who will come out on top in that contest. Are people really going to believe he will retain and then leave WWE with the belt? Perhaps, if they build that story up like they did with CM Punk a few years ago. Having someone other than Brock carry the belt into WM31 makes the outcome more difficult to predict and adds to the intrigue.

Then there’s this rumour going around that Heyman might turn. Over the last few weeks we’ve seen Seth Rollins and Paul Heyman get in each other’s faces and show real disdain for one another, but we’ve also seen them express mutual respect and we’ve even had Heyman putting the possibility on the table for the future. Although I believe it possible Paul would cross Lesnar to get behind a talent like Seth Rollins, in kayfabe terms it isn’t the smartest move at this time. Then again…

Oh yeah, I forgot, John Cena is in this match. But he won’t win, nor should he. No matter how much Vince McMahon and certain bookers probably want this match to be about Cena, it’s really about Lesnar and Rollins. Regardless of who gets the pin, I think it’s safe to say that Cena will be doing the job. Lesnar’s too strong to take that fall, and Rollins has too much heat. Sorry, John.

The Money in the Bank contract may come into play, and it’s something that further complicates matters. If Rollins gets the win, it will render the briefcase useless. But if Lesnar gets the win, will he be in such a weakened state that it makes sense for Rollins to cash in? It might happen.

The possibility which I instinctively fight because it goes against my initial predictions for WrestleMania now insists on being heard. It is possible that John Cena gets redemption for his past losses by pinning Brock Lesnar and becoming the champ. Then Seth Rollins cashes in the briefcase and pins Cena. Then we have Rollins as the champ going into Fast Lane, and he faces Brock Lesnar. Then they could do the Heyman turn, and have Rollins retain.

The problem with that scenario becomes; what do you do with Brock Lesnar for WrestleMania? He is too big now to not be in the main event.

Based on that fact alone, I am going to go with my initial instincts.

Official Predictions:

  • Brock Lesnar retains the WWE Championship
  • Seth Rollins does not cash in his Money in the Bank contract

WWE-Royal-Rimble-2015.11-750x340-1421155591THE ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH:

Okay, here we go. We might as well start at the beginning…

The Workhorse:

Every Rumble match has to have someone who enters first – or close to first – and puts in an hour or so of work. It’s a way to give stars with potential a chance to shine, even if they don’t end up winning.

At first I was predicting this year’s workhorse to be Dean Ambrose, but since he switched numbers with Fandango this past Thursday on Smackdown, that’s blown to hell.

So, my second bet would have been Dolph Ziggler, but he was the workhorse in 2013 and I doubt the bookers would repeat themselves like that, although it would be fitting.

I think the more likely candidates are people like Cesaro or Luke Harper. However, as much as I’d like Cesaro to get that chance, I doubt he’ll be that lucky this year. But Luke Harper fits, he’s got so much potential and has really impressed since breaking out on his own.

Monster House-Cleaner:

A nice plot point to have in any Rumble. Kane and Diesel played the role in years past, and that spot should definitely go to Rusev this year.

The way I see it, the ring will fill up with superstars until Rusev enters – maybe around #13 or #15, and dominates until it’s down to one or two men left.

This domination will continue until Ryback enters and eliminates the Bulgarian brute, continuing their rivalry.

I think there is a good chance Ryback could see his elimination come at the hands of Bray Wyatt. I’ve been thinking that The Big Guy’s new gimmick of preaching positivity lends itself to contrast perfectly with Wyatt’s swirling dark pool of demons and monsters. It could make for an exciting rivalry, and I hope to see the seeds planted this Sunday.

Team Dissension:

There are two teams that come to mind: Goldust and Stardust, and Miz and Mizdow. One has only been rumoured and hinted upon, the other is in danger of becoming overripe.

I think that regardless if anything happens between the “Dust Brothers”, Mizdow should definitely eliminate The Miz.

The Big Players:

As far as when they will enter, I doubt either Daniel Bryan or Roman Reigns – the favourites to win – will make their way into the fray until after #20.

I see Bryan entering somewhere around #23, giving him time to work and build a good degree of crowd support. I feel similarly about Dolph Ziggler.

Some are predicting Reigns to shatter his elimination record from last year, but it’s unnecessary and unlikely. I feel it more likely they will save a big pop like the one Reigns’ theme will get until the coveted #27 spot, when he has lots of opportunities for exciting spots and be instrumental in clearing the field as we head to the end.

Randy Orton has been advertised on posters for The Rumble, even though he has not been talked about at all officially. This makes me think he will be the surprise entrant at #30.

The Final Four:

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns are in there, for sure. As for the other two, the debate rages on.

Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Bray Wyatt, Big Show, Orton, they all come to mind. I think it’s likely (although it won’t make me happy) that Ambrose will job out earlier, or eliminate himself in a show of “instability”. Bray Wyatt I have to think will be there, just for the sake of having at least one heel in the mix. Big Show would be a likely candidate to eliminate Ziggler, keeping alive and building upon The Authority’s feud with The Showoff. Big Show I see eliminated by Reigns, hopefully closing off their feud.

So that leaves us with Bryan, Reigns, Wyatt and Orton.

Bray Wyatt’s eliminated due to a tandem effort from the other three competitors, keeping him looking strong.

We’re down to three, when the Authority comes out and announces that this year’s Royal Rumble will be featuring additional entrants. At that point, they send in Kane, as well as J&J Security, New Age Outlaws and of course Seth Rollins, who go to work on the faces and Orton.

But the tide turns when Sting appears and helps the faces eliminate most members of the Authority. Randy Orton and Seth Rollins eliminate themselves and re-ignite the heated rivalry they began before Orton’s departure. They brawl to the back.

It all comes down to Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns, and the crowd goes mental. They have an exchange, each hits their big moves. Then, due to a tiny miscalculation, Roman goes over the top the floor.

Official Prediction:

  • Daniel Bryan wins the Royal Rumble match.

dbblwm31Well, there you have it. Like I said, there are so many elements to consider going into this event, it’s not easy to wrap one’s head around them all. Ultimately, it may be the crowd who decides the victor. Who knows?

Some say Reigns is a lock. Some say Dolph is the popular choice. Some say Rey Mysterio will take it all. Okay, nobody’s saying that. The point still stands: anything can happen in the WWE.

That’s why the Royal Rumble remains my favourite event of the year. That’s why I cannot wait until Sunday night.

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